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Guest Name
Dr Renee Lanctot
Guest Occupation
Clinical Sexologist, Sex Coach and Sexual Health Educator
Guest Biography

As a Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Renee Lanctot believes that sex can be fun for both partners in any relationship. Whether you are after your first orgasm or looking for a deeper and more meaningful sexual experience, she has the information and the “tricks” to help you get there.

Dr. Renee Lanctot obtained a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. As a Sexual Health Educator, she has presented sexual health education seminars to a variety of audiences. She is frequently interviewed by different radio stations and quoted in magazine and newspaper articles.

Dr. Renee Lanctot can help you with your sexual needs and issues either by Skype or at her office. For more information, visit her website at:!