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Greg Morris
Your Pitch


My pitch is to be interviewed about my recent yoga travels in New Hampshire, Asheville, NC, Rhinebeck, NY and my current gig in Tampa, FL. I am an entrepreneur and am bringing all I have practice-wise to the student population at USF. I would love to talk about tantra, yoga, mysticism and gurus; these are my areas of focus in teaching and personal practice and would love to connect with someone who was either just curious or, even better, is a partner in practice!


I grew up in Atlanta, GA and when to school one state over in Florida. After graduation, I had trying personal stuff that led me to Americorps service in Minnesota (with Catholic nuns) and Baltimore, MD (with Catholic Charities of Baltimore). Throught this period, I was having seeds planted in practice (yoga) and grew in that during subsequent years, moving several more times to Indiana, back to GA and then off to yoga teacher training in NH before massage school and teaching in Asheville. I then worked a spring/summer/fall season at Omega Institute in NY, meeting amazing teachers and teachings.