Guest, Brad Wilcox

Guest Occupation: 
Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University, Current Memeber of the Sunday School General Board, Author, Writer

Guest, Marcus Velazquez

Guest Occupation: 
Christian Recording Artist, Musician and Producer for the Christian Rap Ministry, Teacher and Minister

Guest, Anthony Malone

Guest Occupation: 
Gospel Singer, Songwriter and Producer, and Christian Recording Artist

Guest, Hunt Henion

Guest Occupation: 
Best Selling Author of "The Don Q Point of View" and 3 other books, PhD in Religious Studies, Served as Cleric for Eckankar

Guest Name, Sue Fries

Sue Fries
Sue Fries
Author/Entrepreneur/Pest Control Operator

Author Sue Fries, the Termite Lady of Ecola Services Inc., has been in the pest management industry for 30 years. Since 2000, Fries has worked at the vanguard of environmentally-friendly and alternative pest management technologies, and has been featured on Discovery Channel and History Channel. In 2012, Fries launched United Against Indoor Air Pollution (UAIAP), an organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of families nationwide struggling with the often hidden dangers of harmful indoor allergens. Additionally, she hosts a weekly, syndicated radio show, Pursuit of Passion, Purpose, and Connection, in Ventura County, CA. She has two children, Tyson and Tiana.

Guest, Jill Mattson

Guest Occupation: 
Musician, Communicator, Educator

Guest, Jeff Harshbarger

Guest Occupation: 
Counselor, Ordained Minister, one of Christianity's Leading Expert on the occult


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