Guest, Eric Love

Guest Occupation: 
Bach Remedy Teacher, Homeopath, Naturopath, Healer, Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Doctor in Religion, Spiritual Wellness Facilitator, Author

Guest, Kristine McGuire

Guest Occupation: 
Inspirational Writer, Speaker, Author, Christian, Witch, Medium, Ghost Hunter

Guest, Peter Kling

Guest Occupation: 
Science Researcher, Religous Researcher, Prophecy Investigator, Author

Guest, Gregg Braden

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Speaker, Computer Geologist, Computer Systems Designer, Technical Operations Manager, Media Specialist, Researcher

Guest, Kamal Kaso

Guest Occupation: 
Faqir, Yezidi, Iraq, Record Keeper, Prophet, Mediator

Guest, Desiree Hurtak

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor, Social Scientist, Futurist, Author, Director of The Academy For Future Science, Scholar, Historian, Theologian

Guest, James Hurtak

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor, Social Scientist, Comparative Religionist, Scholar, Author, Founder of The Academy for Future Science, Professor, Consultant, Speaker, Researcher, Orientalist, Anthropologist, Writer, Composer

Guest, Robert Taylor

Guest Occupation: 
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Media Commentator, Clergy, Theologian, Author, Spiritual Leader

Guest, Jonathan Talat Phillips

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Religion Blogger, Researcher, Writer, Reiki Master, Bioenergetic Healer, Chi Healer, Columnist


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