RELIGION, December 6, 2012

Today we will be discussing religion and how it has programmed us to believe our selves less than worthy of God's love, and that his love is something we must earn. My guest is Victoria M. Reynolds and with her we will uncover these false beliefs that have created separateness, and then move into a space of true Love.

SACRED SUNDAYS, January 24, 2013

As women, we often times give the entire essence of who we are to others, not honoring our own self-worth, nor understanding how to balance the life we have created or been given.


This is the first in a bi-monthly series that will help those ready to clear at a higher level and embrace this transformative time we are living in. Join me and my special guest Kane who is the founder of the Clearing Institute as we discuss the processes of clearing the unseen forces as well as unresolved mental, emotional and etheric energies from our higher dimensional selves.

Guest, Ronnie Campbell

Guest Occupation: 
Professor, Adjunct Instructor, Served as a Youth Pastor, Philosopher, PhD in Theology and Apologetics, Biblical Studies

Guest, Mark Hall

Guest Occupation: 
Political Science, Writer, Co-Editor, Co-Author, Senior Fellow at Baylor University’s Institute for the Studies of Religion, Expert on Church and State Relations, President of the National Organization Christians in Political Science

Guest, Alan Ross Hugenot

Guest Occupation: 
Near-Death Expirience Survivor, Church President, Treasurer, Sunday School Superintendent, Physisist, Mechanical Engineer

Guest, Keith Hanson

Guest Occupation: 
Right Wing Conservative Federalist, Patriot, Rdaio Host, Small Businessman

Guest, Marlaine Peachey

Guest Occupation: 
Mayor's Executive Assistant, Past President of LAMSA, Author, Editor, Journalist, Speaker, Chairman of Southern Christian Writers Guild, Planner

Guest, Greg Haislip

Guest Occupation: 
X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom

Guest, Pamela Schuffert

Guest Occupation: 
Investigative Journalist, New World Order Researcher, Christian Outreach Worker, Writer


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