Guest, Keith Hanson

Guest Occupation: 
Right Wing Conservative Federalist, Patriot, Rdaio Host, Small Businessman

Guest, Marlaine Peachey

Guest Occupation: 
Mayor's Executive Assistant, Past President of LAMSA, Author, Editor, Journalist, Speaker, Chairman of Southern Christian Writers Guild, Planner

Guest, Greg Haislip

Guest Occupation: 
X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom

Guest, Pamela Schuffert

Guest Occupation: 
Investigative Journalist, New World Order Researcher, Christian Outreach Worker, Writer

Guest, Stafford Betty

Guest Occupation: 
Afterlife Expert, Researcher, Professor, Theologian, Author, Writer, Scholar

Guest, Michelle Beadle

Guest Occupation: 
Missiologist, Theologian, Outreach Worker, Messianic Jew

Guest, Teena Myers

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Writer, Editor, Belief Therapist, Minister

Guest, Stan Deyo

Guest Occupation: 
Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Research Physicist, Marine Architect, Advanced Propulsion Engineer, Author, Scientist, TV Host, Lecturer, Biblical Student, Energy Researcher

Guest, Danny Nalliah

Guest Occupation: 
Paster, Drummer, Religous Freedom Activist, Political Activist, Doctor of Divinity, Speaker


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