Ask a REAL Witch!, October 20, 2013

Cathi Hunt joins in a discussion with Francine to talk about Paganism and Wicca. Cathi despels the myths of what the practices and traditions are and what they are not. She offers answers to everything you always wanted to ask a REAL witch!

Guest Name, Arthur Clemens

Arthur Clemens
Arthur Clemens

Arthur J. Clemens Jr. is the grandson of a corporate CEO.  He won the Bronze Star for service in Vietnam, won a civil rights suit in federal court representing himself in 1988, and made the national news in 1999 when he filed a pro se citizens’ lawsuit against Monica Lewinsky. He has always been a well-informed opponent of the excesses of the military-industrial complex.

I can confirm the information in this biography by submitting press clippings and documents.

I feel that the topic of most interest to the public right now is the Monster Federal Bureaucracy as described in my book, as confirmed since its publication by Edward Snowden.

Related to this is my Vietnam experience.

This post will explain:

Guest, Rasha

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Speaker, Channeler

Life Cycles and Raw Foods, October 8, 2013

The two guests on this show both work to help people obtain well-being. But they strive to accomplish this goal in very different ways.

Guest, Rozy Press

Guest Occupation: 
Advocate for American Hostages, Teacher in the L.A. Unified School District, Active Protestor

Guest, Bill Whiddon

Guest Occupation: 
Assistant Pastor and Senior Paster, Teacher at Seattle Bible College, Bible Tour Leader to Israel

Guest, Mike Oldham

Guest Occupation: 
Ordained Minister with His Own Ministry and works closely with ABCRM youth ministry, Ministry and Mission Coach, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Author of "The Olive Tree Prophecy"


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