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We'll be discussing the rite of passage most men must go through before they actually become mature adults.  The role of the male has been redefined .... or has it?  Let's find out.

You 'Bout Ready to listen to another 1 hour talk show program with Marty Ford? Only on BBS Radio!

You 'Bout Ready with host Marty Ford, with more mental revelations to make you think!

President of The California Institute of Advanced Management

Evolve 2b with Audree Tara Weitzman - 15th show on BBS Radio! Audree is Back from India, and other places...

The Debut of The True History of Our Galaxy and NESARA, a talk radio show with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna on BBS Radio.

Topics: The True History of Our Galactic World and The Birth of NESARA; Universal Spiritual Economic. We will discuss the intricate details of World History, Earth's Destiny, The Galactics and The Truth about NESARA. We will discuss Hard News, Holographic Universe, and current events.