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Whenever you deal with people, the dynamics are as interesting and fun as they are challenging and hurtful.  My father once told me, and by the way, this advice came from a man who was married to my mother for 63 years, that one of the secrets to having a long and happy marriage was to choose someone who naturally coincides with the way you are on the part of both the woman and the man.  This is not an easy thing to do in your life, but it worked well for him.  Is there something viable in that kind of advice?  Are the individual natures of how we are so important as to determine whether co

Yes, I know we live in a time of fast and fat foods for sale, that medical authorities and the media are telling us the dangers of overeating on the one hand but also providing us with spectacular access to volumes of fattening foods on the other, that medicines and diets don’t always do what they promise, and that doctors with their magic scalpels and hundreds of tummy-tucks cannot surgically alter the rule that mandates the nature of the human body: too much eating without much activity leads to being overweight.  Modern medicine has not as yet realized that you cannot have your cake (eat

Manners do matter, but I’m afraid it’s not really for everyone.  The arrogant as with the stubborn, the hypocrite as with the deceitful, all stupid people will never come full circle in their lives to ever appreciate the value of manners consistently.  Having said this, does this point then present a class division of some sort?  Is this discernment establishing some kind of social discrimination or classification?  Perhaps: a debatable point to discuss over dinner, maybe.  But more important, however, is the fact that society will always breed these ill-bred people like weeds in a garden,

Why do we need spirituality?  Why do we need the air to breathe?  Without it, we die.  Being spiritual allows you to see what so many faithless ones have been denied to experience.  Many of us are so caught up in the ignorance of our arrogance that it disallows people from achieving a greater and more fulfilling view of ourselves through the actions of our faith.  Always remember, the matters of the heart are more important than the issues of the mind.  The more you think about your existence, the more your arrogance is attempting to rationalize God.  Instead, let the sentiments of the hear

Love is misunderstood constantly for lust, infatuations, companionship, dependence, insecurities, and many other psychological maladjustments that plague the human mind.  But love is not about the mind; it’s not even from the heart but rather, love originates from the very foundation of the soul, which rises to illuminate the heart to reach toward others and share the care with one another.  For many, that’s too hard to do; for others, too risky; and still others, well, they don’t even bother to think about it.

Listen to my show, and only then will you know the value of language through the kind of communication we all have with one another.  Language is a beautiful form of expression, but it can also be just as much provocative and conflictive as it can be peaceful: it’s our choice to do with it what we think is best.  But if language is our predominant form of communication, that is, the one form or method we use the most to communicate, then why do we continue to have so much trouble with it?  Why do we have so many problems communicating ideas and messages to one another?  Is it a lack of voca

When you listen to my show, you’ll be wondering what you mean when you say he has no class.  Class is one of those elusive concepts that you can’t readily identify, but you know what it is the moment you see it.  You can’t buy class; you can’t inherit it.  Having class is just one of those things that certain people have and carry inside them for a lifetime without really knowing what it is, but you act on it everyday of your life: you can feel it inside.

It was only the other day when President Obama gave a speech on the current state of the union, so I thought I’d make a comment or two on the current state of democracy and as it turned out, it ended up becoming a whole entire show!  How ‘bout that?

This show is about trying to understand the effect of a melody and the influence of lyrics on our attitudes and behaviors in the way we live our lives. Music as an art form is also an expression of self-sacrifice. And whenever musicians use their craft, they make themselves vulnerable to their audience. But by performing their craft in the way they do, there stands the hope that their music will capture and overshadow any doubt the audience may have about their ability to reach you, and make you vulnerable instead.

Are you curious about debt? Want to know more about it? What does say about a culture like ours that values debt and credit with equal measures of protection and enthusiasm? A free society whose people have the opportunity to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle without having the income to sustain it, but having the credit history to survive it, and without having to limit your budget too much because after all, you can always rollover your debt on a mortgage refinance or credit card balance transfer, is truly living life with each foot in both camps.