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Docter, Researcher, Outdoorsman, Businessman, Oncologist, Author, Scientist
Associate Professor, Clinical Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Volunteer, Doctor of Medicine
Holistic Health Innovator, Personal Physician, Holistic Chiropractor, Transcendent Meditator, TV Show Host, Columnist, Yoga Practicioner
Infectious Disease Expert, Science Advisor, Bacteriophage Biology Specialist, Microbiologist, Alzheimer Researcher
Author, Medical Practices Researcher, Opthalmologist, Clinical Professor
Family Doctor, Medical Associate, Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, DAN Physician, Medical Director, Assistant Professor, Trainer, ADHD Expert, ASD Expert
Author, International Teacher, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Wellness Coach, Photographer, Radio Show Host, Writer
Statistician, Biomedical Sciences Doctorate, Civil Engineer, Chinese Medicine Researcher, Author
Scientist, Biomedical Researcher, Medical Doctor, Pharmacologist, Professor, Father of Neurogastroenterology, ENS Pioneer, Gut Specialist, Author