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Neurosurgeon, Nutritional Product Formulator, Neuroscience Researcher, Writer, Author
Professor, Chair, Inventor, Reviewer, Doctor, Nutrition and Weight Loss Researcher, Editor, Writer
Doctor of Medicine, Hospitalist, Writer, Author, Consultant, Researcher
Physician, Metaphysician, Author, Psychologist, Minister, Editor, Writer, Musician, Farm Worker, Philanthropist
Medical Director, Doctor, Natural Biochemical Medical Practitioner, Developer, Lecturer, Patient Choice Activist, Author, Nutrition Expert
Molecular Bioscientist, Lecturer, Researcher, Educator, Author, Nutritionist
Cosmetic Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Otolaryngolgist, Writer, Author, Medical Director, Humanitarian
Lawyer, Juris Doctorate, Editor In Chief, Writer, NHL President, Legal Columnist, Health Freedoms Activist, Speaker, Author
Holistic Physician, Medical Doctor, Self healing Researcher, Author, Teacher, Lecturer
Family Physician, Medical Director, Doctor, Author, Writer, Lecturer, Nutrition Researcher