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What is your Vision for your life?

Do you remember it? Are you living it? Are you satisfy with your life? Tonight I will remind you of that vision. Explain truths about your vision and why your vision board isn't working.

Winner of the Prague Peace Prize in 2016, returning guest Ole Dammegard focuses on the linked assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.  New evidence reveals that King lived after the balcony shot, and we discover the gruesome details of his untimely death.  Ole provides the larger picture of the same groups who are responsible.  These controlled events, false flags, go back a very long time.  Check out his website for more information!

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery

Telepathy or Remote Viewing:  The Debate and What you should know!

Are you a remote viewer?  Ever suspect or feel that “someone” is watching you remotely?  What about Telepathy?  Is it simply a “mother’s intuition” or is that just a precursor to the true power we each contain?

Sri and Kira share their personal experiences with remote viewing and Telepathy.  Discover the extensive information being revealed by the Archangelic realm on these two very important and powerful subjects.

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery

Author, speaker, radio host, yoga leader, spiritual business coach

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters- Guest Michael Russ discusses his book Zero Adversity. This book will help you re-think how you handle life's issues in your personal and professional life. Appearing on the Happiness Hangout radio show on bbsradio.

International best selling author, speaker and trainer