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Luke Fenwick
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I'm an Ex corporate guy that realised life was too short to stay in a shitty situation and be a poor version of myself.

 At the start of 2020 I walked away from high paying corporate roles in places such as LVMH (brands such as Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon) and Melbourne United the professional basketball club due to stress, anxiety and fearing what I was becoming, my ah ha moment was me being an emotional mess at the dinner table with my wife and new born child...then COVID hit the world.

After putting my life into perspective, focusing on my family, I founded Dawn of legacy and became a Behaviour Strategist Life Impact & Leadership coach, author, Ultra runner…My mission is to impact 1,000,000 lives by 2025 by guiding people to create aspirational thoughts and purposeful actions.

Please check out my pr page on my website this has a number of my past blogs, podcast appearances and my story in detail plus links to social media.


Husband to Julie and father of little boy Evren and baby girl Billie, my professional corporate career was so important, however it was at a point where I was allowing work and my mindset towards it to negatively impact almost every aspect of my life. My emotions were out of control and this was detracting from my ability to function at work to the level I was capable of and it was destroying my life away from it. 

So at the age of 44, I decided it was time to change the story which was supposed to be “the rest of my life”.  I stepped away from my corporate role to reevaluate what was important and create beliefs and habits that would carry me forward in life and into my chosen legacy.

My career spans 25 years across numerous Sales and Marketing roles in industries such as luxury goods and professional sports organisations. I travelled the world, dined in world renowned restaurants, met celebrities and sporting stars, won a championship in professional sports, lived the good life, adrenaline pumped, experienced glory, work was often a dream filled with incredible moments.

Those roles have very often been focused on leadership, prioritising my teams development, challenges and goals. My knowledge and experience allowed me to provide strategic direction to multiple organisations, though my passion was always to help those around me achieve what they wanted in their career.