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Pastor Bill Jenkins
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With the New Year quickly approaching everyone is looking for resources and tools to create resolutions that will in turn help them have a successful upcoming year. Pastor Bill Jenkins takes a unique approach by dissecting the number 23 in the Bible and allowing the scriptures that reference the number 23 to forecast what we can expect the new year to bring and what we need to do to have a successful and prosperous new year.


Pastor Bill is an apostle of God with a prophetic voice who works to release a message of hope in our world. With deep spiritual revelation and insight from God’s Word, he takes the toughest passages of scripture and explains them in a practical and applicable way. Pastor Bill is the pastor of Destinyland Christian Center, an author, a radio host, a husband, and a father of three boys. His heart and passion are for others to become successful as they apply the principles of Christ in their lives.

United States