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Quyns Empowerment Hour with Quyn Le Erichsen

Title: Dining in the Dark (Blind Dining)

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery and her brother, David, a news reporter and minister.

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon

Interview with author Annie Stillwater Gray, Education of a Guardian Angel

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters. Learn more about how to deal with relationships with me kindness and ease with Expert Carlenia Springer!

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery and guests

S. Donella Jones-Gilmore @rhymistress on Twitter
Joesph Gilmore @JoeG47933412 on Twitter
Jay Jay Sheppard @Jayphace on Twitter

Discussing the 10 Areas of Your Life to Bring into Alignment for Fulfillment, Happiness, and Meaning.

Aurora shared her experiences as a Galactic Walk-In, and with having created a hyper-dimensional portal shape via the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.  In essence, it's a way to connect to our Higher Centers, Source and the zeroth dimension!  We touch briefly on Atlantis, Marduk, and the Ascension process which is non-local, though our solar system is participating, as are the humans incarnate at this time.