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Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce and Mark Dodich

What would you do with 10 Million dollars?

Expanding your awareness of purpose, money, and happiness.

Diana Luppi returns to talk about her underground classic, ET:101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual.  Written 25 years ago, the humor, wit and wisdom is as prescient today and even more welcomed in a world that has convulsed into unrecognizable chaos.  The seed planted by the "Intergalactic Council from Mission Control", is a harbinger of cosmic consciousness and global awakening.  Presently experiencing an international multi-lingual revival, Mission Control is handing us the manual that we forgot to read prior to our voyage on earth.

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger and guest Matthew Fallon

Matthew Fallon with Attain Your Full Potential

A fifth-generation San Franciscan and Colorado resident for nearly 11 years, Matthew received my diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Robert shields College, Harlow, Essex, England, U.K. in 2006.   

Andrew Foss and Laura Walker shared high frequencies and empowering information "in the stars".  Always uplifting, this is a look at the energetics of present shifts and changes, which began with the full moon and eclipse.  

SBFM Radio with Dr Cheryl Dockery

Now that I'm Awake...HOW do I function in the "real" world?
Ready to THRIVE and empower your Spiritual life in the 9-5 world?  Get ready to manifest! Join Sri & Kira as they explore the role & power of conscious intention in everyday life.  

What role does karma really play in your life’s circumstances?  Did we really choose everything that has happened to us?  How does all this impact our daily lives, the world around us, and this moment in history?  Are we really responsible?

What is Self-Ascension & is it REAL?
Imagine if four simple, yet profound steps were all that was needed to break through the illusion?
Is there a difference between Self-Ascension and Ascension?  Is it really possible for anyone to experience their ascended state while still in body?