Guest, Melissa Kennedy

Guest Occupation: 
UFO Researcher, Documentarian and Experiencer

Guest, Damien Nott

Guest Occupation: 
UFO Researcher and Experiencer

As You Wish Talk Radio Q&A, January 30, 2016

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland - James gives an update on what's happening in the world and takes your questions.

Guest, Paola Leopizzi Harris

Guest Occupation: 
Investigative Journalist

Guest, Piotr Cielebias

Guest Occupation: 
UFO Researcher

As You Wish Talk Radio with experiencer Seth Levine, January 23, 2016

James Gilliland continues his interviews from Australia with special co-host Peter Maxwell Slattery.  In this episode they interview Seth Levine -  a UFO experiencer and contactee.  Seth has had many interactions with otherworldly beings including Arcturians, Pleiadians, Orions, Andromedans and Syrians.

Guest, Seth Levine

Guest Occupation: 
UFO Experiencer, Contactee, Near Death Experiencer

Guest, Nassim Haramein

Guest Occupation: 
Theorist, Fundamental Geometry Researcher, Scholar, Unified Field Theory Developer, Scientist, Lecturer, Keynote Speaker, Director of Research

Guest Name, Katy Tackes

Katy Tackes EACH TIME SHE WAKES, a mystic novel of Peace and Love
Katy Tackes

Author bio - Katy was born in Persia to a celebrated furniture designer.  At a very young age she immigrated to Canada, where her immense love and gratitude for Mother Nature blossomed.

She has been gifted the opportunity of living in Paris, France and traveling throughout Europe, Asia, New Zealand, the Middle-East and North America, reinforcing her belief that "we are all connected...we are One".

It is through her love and studies of theosophy and ancient wisdom that she continues her quest for Truth.

Guest, Uluki Brendan Murray

Guest Occupation: 
Uluki King of the Waa Wurrung (raven tribe) of the upper Yarra valley Australia


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