A Fireside Chat - Lance White, April 23, 2016

Andrew Foss and Laura Walker inspired, enlightened and brought wisdom to the airwaves!  The creators of the daily Oracle Report share their experience in relating what's going on, what's coming and how to live empowered and in joy. You can find them at the link below, as well as on Facebook!

Guest, Andrew Foss with Laura Walker

Guest Occupation: 
Writer, astrologer, Sabian symbols, Black Moon and Eris, website developer and co-creator of the Oracle Report

A Fireside Chat, March 26, 2016

Carla J Fox returns with more of her journeys through the Stargate of the Milky Way!  We talk about doing the Shadow Work necessary to become lighter, as the energies have shifted dramatically.

A Fireside Chat, March 19, 2016

Timothy J Glenn returns with some surprising updates for 2016!  During this show, he talks about Nemesis, also known as Niburu or Wormwood, and 2016 being the defining year for earth and humanity...with a chuckle or two!  He mentions Robert Sutton Harrington's video in which he talks with Sitchin called "Are We Alone"?  and mentions the Bob Dean 2008 Niburu interview with Kerry Cassidy.

As You Wish Talk Radio Guest Ethann Fox, March 19, 2016

Part 2 of the conversation between James Gilliland and Ethann Fox of Awake and Empowered TV.  This is actually an interview that Ethann did of James but due to the great conversation James is also broadcasting it on As You Wish Talk Radio.

As You Wish Talk Radio with Ethann Fox Part 1, March 12, 2016

This is Part One of a two part interview that originally aired on Awake & Empowered TV   Ethann Fox, host of A&E TV interviewed James Gilliland as a preview to James appearing at the Awake & Empowered Expo in Detroit March 18-20, 2016.   James felt the discussion was one of the best he's had in a long time and wanted to share it with the As You Wish Talk Radio listeners.

As You Wish Talk Radio Goodbye to Australia, February 27, 2016

On this Saturday's show Solreta Antaria, Peter Maxwell Slattery and I do a wrap up on my two and a half months journey through Australia. From Uluru, to Mt Buffalo, Sydney, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Mt Warning, Mt Sampson, the Gosford Glyphs and more...from UFO footage to Aboriginal Prophecies, from ancient petroglyphs to amusing Australian antecdotes.

As You Wish Talk Radio, Guest Ethann Fox, February 13, 2016

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland - James interviews Ethann Fox of Awake and Empowered TV and the Flower of Life Center.  Using new world tools and self-taught spiritual teachings, Ethann Fox assists people around the globe in their awakening to higher consciousnes

As You Wish Talk Radio UFO Experiencers Panel, February 6, 2016

James Gilliland and Peter Maxwell Slattery lead a round table discussion with UFO Photographers and Experiencers Damien John Nott, Melissa Kennedy and Solreta Antaria.  The discussion includes the progress being made with UFO coverage by the main street media in Australia.


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