A Fireside Chat, December 7, 2013

Barbara Hand Clow returns to share her vast multi-dimensional perspective on historic events as they play out through astrological aligments, kundalini awakening and the future we're creating.  We speak about the Mayan Calendar, "brain orgasms", the fall of the Catholic Church and dynastic rule.  Barbara has a new work of fiction "coming out" with revelations galore - The Ruby Crystal.  Stay t

Guest, James Sevan Bomar

Guest Occupation: 
Radio Personality - Internet T.V. Show Host - Author - Motivational Speaker

Zero Point, April 15, 2006

The Debut of ZERO POINT with Dr. Christopher Holmes on BBS Radio!

Guest, Edward Meyer

Guest Occupation: 
Researcher for Ripley's Believe It or Not

Guest, James Horak

Guest Occupation: 
Informer of Man's Off Planet Origins, Blogger, Educates and Frees Humanity from Control and Tyranny

Guest, Jaysen Rand

Guest Occupation: 
Doctorate in Energy Information Sciences, Extraterrestrial Communications Researcher, Chiropractor, Music Producer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Publisher, Writer, Screenwriter, Author, Lecturer, Ufologist

Guest, John Jenkins

Guest Occupation: 
Independent Researcher, Humanitarian, Author, Editor, Writer, Scholar, Teacher, Speaker, Myan Calendar Authority

Guest, Stephan Martin

Guest Occupation: 
Astronomer, Educator, Writer, Professor, Physicist, Astronomical Researcher, Observatory Supervisor, Philosopher, Cosmologist, Consciousness Faculty Member, Lecturer

Guest, Jude Currivan

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor, Cosmologist, Archeologist, Planetary Healer, Author, Visionary, Educator, Intuitive, Consciousness Expert

Guest, Edgar Mitchell

Guest Occupation: 
Researcher, Scientist, Pilot, Naval Officer, Astronaut, Entrepreneur, Author, Lecturer, Explorer, Panthiest


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