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Guest Name
Alison Reeves
Guest Occupation
Goddess asteroid and Centaur chart readings
Guest Biography

I discovered the astrologer Alison Reeves through my good friend Mahala Gayle's guest contribution on Planet Alert.  Alison wrote a fascinating piece on mushrooms!  You can find it here:

Though Alison doesn't have a website, she says this about herself:

Things I used to do which are interesting:
I was born in Johannesburg and left when I was 18 years old to get away from Apartheid. Im 44 now.
Project Manager of Anam Cara crisis house modelled on Soteria House in California for 7 years.
Creative therapist in a Hospice for 3 years.


Astrologer and poet
Chiron astrology workshops with horse whisperer Amanda Oates. 
Sacred Isles tours, celestial events around the world at sacred sites
Im a Queer astrologer but I work with everyone who wants a queer perspective in life!


I’m starting a new group in Lancashire, UK with neuroscientist Dr. Jen Altman called

The Mystical Physiology of the Body: Exploring the Interface of New Paradigm Science
and the Ancient Cosmic teachings. If you live close by and would like to come along get
in touch. We would also be very happy to deliver this workshop elsewhere!  I specialize
in Goddess asteroid and Centaur chart readings if you want to go deeper into your chart.