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Zeta Global Radio ZGR, September 19, 2015

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Zeta Global Radio
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Guest, Dr. Caroline Wheelerm MD Sleep Doctor & Coach

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk and guest Dr. Caroline Wheeler

Guest, Dr Caroline Wheeler

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Dr Caroline Wheeler
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Sleep Specialist
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I'm a medical doctor and I teach adults how to sleep in a gentle, loving, mindful way.

I used to have my own family practice down under in New Zealand for 12 years and have always had a passion for holistic integrative health - bringing the together the best  from all worlds…..the worlds of medicine, meditation and mindfulness, science, psychology and other healing paths.  As we bring mindfulness to our lives - and listen to our body/mind - insomnia and poor sleep can become a friend guiding us to deeper and restorative and nourishing sleep.

For life is so much richer and happier when we experience deep restorative nurturing sleep every night……………..So how do we allow ourselves to have this quality of sleep ? What do we need to do to develop this for ourselves ?

Let’s explore this idea that insomnia is not the problem for it’s actually a symptom. So many people spend their lives searching for a pill or a potion or some magic solution to get rid of the insomnia but what if instead of focusing on the insomnia and seeing it as the enemy to be destroyed - what if we see it as a friend - a guide trying to guide us to the actual cause ? 

For many the cause of poor sleep is due to their frantically  busy lives  and so not taking time for themselves at the end of the day to slow down and relax their  body, their mind and their  soul…..

So many people in our busy Western world run around all day and all evening - packing their lives overfull and wondering why they then can’t sleep……wondering why they toss and turn at night desperate to sleep..

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