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Guest, Ann O'Brien

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk and guest Ann O'Brien

Guest, Ann OBrien

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Ann OBrien
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Clairvoyant Life Coach, Energy Healer and Teacher
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Ann O’Brien is a clairvoyant life coach, energy healer and teacher. She has a grounded, practical approach which empowers you find joy, trust and hope—to make sense of your life and turn on your power to create!

Ann began mediating at age 18 in order to understand her sensitivity. Beginning in her 20’s, she began 10 years of training in clairvoyance, spiritual healing and mediumship, and began offering private sessions and teaching in 1999. Now, she has worked with thousands of people worldwide through the magic of phone and Skype.

Ann has a creative background (poetry, music, and dance) and is passionate about nutrition and bringing spirituality into the body. She loves working with artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, and anyone open to finding more freedom, peace and power in their lives. Through her “Awaken Your Intuition” programs, she provides a safe space to discover and trust your natural intuitive gifts, and to get your own answers through meditation and simple awareness practices.

This fall, Ann is offering the “Finding Your Life of Enchantment” retreat in Northern New Mexico from October 22-25. Join her for a 4-day, 3-night journey including meditation, energy clearing and manifesting workshops, yoga, hiking, field trips and more!

Ann lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter, who affectionately call her the “kitchen elf” or “Mama Coconuts.”

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