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Zeta Global Radio ZGR, August 15, 2015

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk

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Zeta Global Radio
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Guests, Vitaly Safarov, Ruth Drayer and special guest Fiona Fay

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk and guests, Vitaly Safarov, Ruth Drayer and special guest Fiona Fay

Guest, Ruth Drayer

Guest Name
Ruth Drayer
Ruth Drayer
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Author & Intuitive Numerologist
Guest Biography

BIO: Ruth Abrams Drayer, Numerologist, Artist & Author

Born & raised in Washington, DC, Ruth Drayer has lived throughout the U.S., in India, and most recently moved to Tyler, Texas, from Santa Fe, New Mexico to be closer to her daughter. While living in India, she declined the invitation to become numerologist for state of Karnataka. Professionally, she is in the tradition of  the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. Ms. Drayer began giving intuitive and spiritually focused Numerology readings in 1972 and since that time has read numbers for people around the world, taught, lectured, appeared on radio and TV and participated in Whole Life Expos. Her simple explanation of numbers can be seen on Youtube and she's hoping to get her numerology software CyberPro© updated and reprogrammed for today's computers.  Ruth works and teaches by phone and through Skype – which opens the world to her.

Ms. Drayer spent 15 years working on the four editions of her book Numerology, The Power in Numbers  – each edition updated and rewritten (a rare opportunity for an author) and the biography of Nicholas & Helena Roerich, The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists & Peacemakers. She has written numerous articles & columns for magazines and newspapers and produced The Nicholas & Helena Roerich DVD, now available on Youtube. Her books have been published in America, Serbia, Russia, India and Italy.

Always an artist, Ruth is a colorist and paints abstract, acrylic art which she calls Dreamscapes. Her eclectic background includes studying art in churches, museums & galleries while traveling throughout Europe and Asia. She attended the California Institute of Numerical Research, Wilson Teachers College, D.C.; University of Texas at El Paso, TX; and University of Santa Monica, CA. learning counseling, conflict resolution & peace-making, color theory & therapy, worked as a  florist, interior & window display designer, artisan advocate, managed two art galleries, a flower shop, and antiques & collectables.  Ruth is also a life coach and conducts workshops on Creativity and Imagination. She has four grown children, six wonderful grand kids and one remarkable cat. 

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