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You Bout Ready, April 29, 2014

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You Bout Ready
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with Marty Ford

You Bout Ready with Marty Ford - Critical Thinking, Fighting Boredom, Getting Things Done, Being a Doer!

You Bout Ready

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Marty Ford

YOU 'BOUT READY is the Finest Kind Talk Radio Show, POWERHOUSE, hosted by Marty Ford

Download FOR FREE, to LISTEN-LEARN-LAUGH about Leadership, Ethics, Empowerment, Veterans, Critical Thinking, Boredom (the enemy of us all), Role-Modeling, Obesity, Kids & Play, Humor, Awareness, Anger, Sports, Bullying, Recovery, Motivation, Inspiration,Fun and much more all presented with insight, intelligence and my own brand of silliness. You can access my shows from your mobile device by using the bbsradio's iPhone and Andriod "APPS". Send me your ideas, thoughts and input to

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