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X Squared Radio, January 31, 2010

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X-Squared Radio with Host Brooks Agnew
On BBS Radio
January 31, 2010

Lanaia Lee

Lanaia was not able to join us, because she was ill. We spoke about the Crystal Skulls, but are reserving the discussion about the Skulls of Salvation for another date. We'll keep you posted. The book is set in modern day, takes the reader on a quest to save mankind through the jungles of Belize and the Mayan ruins led by Damien, a disciple of Archimedes, one of the Kings of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. He and his beautiful wife, Ionna, are in search of the missing legendary Crystal Skulls of Belize which are said, when all together, to have the powers to save mankind from the total destruction predicted to take place on December 21, 2012.

X Squared Radio

Show Host

Dr. Brooks Agnew hosts a paranormal internet talk radio program interviewing top authorities on the mysteries of the Earth and the Universe. Hundreds of millions of people listen to talk radio while they travel or work. But in the audio sea of tinkling voices, one voice is emerging as master of the scientific domain.

A renaissance-man with a passion for discovery, Brooks A. Agnew, PhD has excited millions of people with the greatest story on the universe. His best-selling book, The Ark of Millions of Years, is changing the foundations of science and religion. He believes in the unlimited potential of mankind.

DR. BROOKS ALEXANDER AGNEW, PhD, an author, explorer, electronics engineer and physicist, is one of the most successful pioneers with ground probing radar technology, in the world. This technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program.

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