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Words Women and Wisdom Show, October 17, 2023

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Words Women and Wisdom Show
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Guest, Tina Bakehouse, Public Speaking Coach & Communications Consultant. Find Your Voice; Share Your Story!

Words Women and Wisdom Show with Yvonne E L Silver

Guest, Tina Bakehouse, Public Speaking Coach & Communications Consultant

Find Your Voice; Share Your Story! Tina Bakehouse is protecting audiences from boring speakers and speeches!

Guest, Tina Bakehouse

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Tina Bakehouse
Tina Bakehouse
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Public Speaking Coach & Communications Consultant
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Find Your Voice; Share Your Story!

Tina Bakehouse is protecting audiences from boring speakers and speeches!

Tina B. provides public speaking coaching and communication consulting to help individuals and organizations like Practical Farmers of Iowa, Union Pacific, First National Bank, and Children’s Hospital, to communicate more effectively.

With more than 20 years of teaching communication and theatre (10 years at Creighton University), a TEDx speaker and coach, Tina B. is passionate about educating others to become more self-aware and enhance their speaker style. She also holds two Bas (communication studies and psychology, and the second in theatre and English teaching), plus a master’s degree in communication studies, as well as studying two levels of improvisation training.

Her past positions have included Malvern Bank’s Chief Creative Officer, assisting with community development and coordinating financial literacy and educational opportunities for Mills County and Golden Hills RC & D as Outreach & Communication Coordinator, promoting the arts and local foods in southwest Iowa.

Tina has performed and coordinated multiple storytelling shows in southwest Iowa, including two teen shows. A Leadership Iowa alum, Tina B. continues to use her creativity, leadership, and passion for the arts to help people communicate effectively and solve problems through her 3-month signature group coaching program: The Magnetic Speaker Blueprint. Tina lives at Maple Edge Farm, a 152-year-old family farm in southwest Iowa, with her husband Jon and son Anderson.

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Words Women and Wisdom Show

Words Women and Wisdom Show with Yvonne Silver
Show Host
Yvonne E. L. Silver, CEC, CPHR, RP

Born an enterprising, forward-thinking and original "Avant-Garde" female, I believe in living a mission-inspired and purposeful life!

I am passionate about inspiring women to live into their potential and elevate their confidence, especially visionary female leaders who are looking to scale up their business venture. My work is primarily with Founders, Leaders and professionals (6-figure+), and mission-inspired businesses or social enterprise groups, those who empower other women are especially exciting to work with. After serving on Boards, and as a corporate VP and Director, with 8 start-up experiences - evolution and constant expansion are keys to life being interesting and purposeful.

My expertise is with:

  • Women's Growth
  • Confident Conversations
  • Mentorship
  • Knowledge sharing through speaking, writing, radio, coaching, mentorship and women's resource groups.

Teaching women to Flourish in business is a passion. I am a Speaker, Author, Coach, and Mentorship Chair, with my book “Words, Women and Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” coming soon (anticipated release - summer 2018), and host for the Words, Women and Wisdom Show (BBS Radio) to elevate confident living. When women elevate their confidence, are heard and valued, they make more impact, have more fun and greater success in business! Professionally I am a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered HR Professional and Reiki Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Intelligence - on the team for the Coaches Business School.

I believe...

Are you ready to elevate your confidence - you're in the right place...


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