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Unwavered Success with Mell B, January 19, 2022

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Unwavered Success with Mell B
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How to realize you’re living with limitations

Unwavered Success With Mell B with Mell Balment

Mell Balment is a mindset mentor, intuitive healer, and speaker on Perspective Shifts and Empathic Elevation.

Mell B is widely considered a change-maker for super-conscious transformation.

She partners with EmpathPreneursTM to untangle their Mindweb so they feel unwavered confidence to accomplish the impact they’re currently only dreaming about.

Recognized as in the top 1% of Leadership Coaches & and Multi-Award Winning Quantum Healer … if you’re wanting to make a bigger impact on the world…then our show Unwavered Success with Mell B is perfect for you!

In the lead up to Christmas, we gave the audience a “boatload” of information on ego, superconsciousness, values, beliefs, paradigms and quantum shifts, mindweb, fears, universal law and introduced you to the powerful and life-changing courses and coaching Mell offers, such as Alchemy Accelerator and the Ambition Accelerator.


Before we get on with our interview let’s talk about a few things that are happening around the world and how empaths might be feeling those things. Here is what is happening for me – unable to watch the TV/news, distraught about the inequality that sees a tennis player have an expedited court process and we have refugees locked up for 9 years, the implosion of our health system, the long term impacts for healthcare workers and the general malaise and difficulty releasing that energy….limitations to my best self as an empath – grounding and I want to know how Mell deals with this energy.

Unplug, recalibrate and be Unwavered

So leads to our topic for today.

How to realize you’re living with limitations

(Just a guide we want this to be an organic free-flowing conversation, one empath to another)

  • Is being empathic a limitation? Nope it’s a gift

  • Why is it important to understand that we all live with limitations and some of those are in our minds?

  • What is unconscious bias and why do we need to be aware of it?

  • What is society programming and is it the same as unconscious bias?

  • How do we become aware of these components of our Psyche? Living your best self

  • The importance of being you in your unique gloriousness?

  • Is it OK to be average?

  • How does that stop you from being your best version of yourself?

  • The importance of hopes and dreams

  • Components of living life as the best empath you can be – unplug, recalibrate

  • How to EmpathPreneur get to work with you Mell?

  • How do you help them deal with a world that seems to be in perfect chaos most of the time?

  • Speaking and how to have Mell speak to your corporation or company on the importance of recognizing the empaths in the room.

Thank you and please join us next week for the next exciting series with Mell B. don’t forget to jump onto Mell’s website and check out her programs and resources. Her complimentary resources are amazing

Unwavered Success with Mell B

Unwavered Success with Mell B
Show Host
Mell Balment

After delivering over 650 Mindweb Analysis sessions I've created a process that understands the enmeshment and complex memories overlaid into our emotions and behaviors.

We often don't realize that Ego is controlling our super-conscious and playing the lead role by protecting us from re-living traumas we've had in our past lifetimes.

For example...

You want to start showing up online about something you strongly believe in. You've considered doing a FB Live or video for Youtube but either:

  • You've got the concept buzzing around in your head but when you sit down to write the bullet points you suddenly feel stuck and don't know where to begin, or

  • Every time you begin the task of recording, something crops up and sabotages your efforts, the lighting isn't right, you can't find the cables

What's happening is that Ego is trying to 'keep you safe' by avoiding the completion of the project.

It's very good at manipulating our reality to match its subconscious powers!

I've discovered how to align Ego with our spiritually driven desires;

creating quantum shifts in our wealth, health, and soul purpose.

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