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Unwavered Success with Mell B, December 7, 2021

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Unwavered Success with Mell B
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THE SUPERCONSCIOUS - MINDWEB ANALYSIS, Mell B is widely considered a change-maker for super-conscious transformation

Unwavered Success With Mell B with Mell Balment

Mell Balment is a mindset mentor, intuitive healer, and speaker on Perspective Shifts and Empathic Elevation.

From a very young age, Mell never thought she fitted in, severely bullied she wanted to escape and at 15 that’s what she did! In her 20’s she started to be inspired to understand the universe and spirituality, she started her learning and self-development journey. In her 30’s a deep dissatisfaction drove her to seek more before finally leaving her “soul-dulling, high achieving a corporate role in 2014. By 2017 Mell was reprogramming her perspectives to align with her ultimate life path…..

Mell B is widely considered a change-maker for super-conscious transformation. She partners with EmpathPreneursTM to untangle their Mindweb so they feel unwavering confidence to accomplish the impact they’re currently only dreaming about.

Recognized as one of the top 10 healers in the world in 2019 and in the 1% of leadership coaches this year here in Australia, Mell created the Deep Belief Hacking system, a combination of strategic rapid results coaching, intuitive self-mastery, and quantum healing.

She’s not about hyper claims or using her clients for notoriety. Quietly and discreetly, her programs combine quantum physics, mindweb analysis, and spirituality for massive transformation.

If you’re wanting more client reach, be seen as a change-maker, and make a bigger impact on the world, then this show with Mell B is for you!

Coz when you start deep belief hacking and analyzing your Mindweb, you’ll be able to integrate your full superconscious, to raise your frequency for the benefit of all humanity and sentient creatures.




Mell B is widely considered a change-maker for super-conscious transformation.

FINALIST 2021: Accolades

RECOGNISED 2021: Top 1% Leadership Coaches

WINNER 2019: International Top 10 Healer

BRONZE 2018: Int. Stevie Coach Of The Year

BRONZE 2018: Int. Stevie Entrepreneur of the Year

FINALIST 2017: Specialist Small Business

A brief recap of super consciousness and mind web

  1. What is Mindweb Analysis?


  1. What is Quantum Healing?


2.1 Do You have to be able to relive the memory – I’ve heard is necessary for healing trauma or childhood wounds?


2.2 How is quantum healing different from NLP?


  1. Why do our brains do this unhelpful filtering then if it’s so limiting?

HOW do we do it? How do we change our BS? The monkey mind, the noise, trash talk, negative self-talk – there are so many phrases.

  1. Processing Memories?

Does it sound like we all might have the same issues then? Is that the case, do most people have similar sets of (for lack of a better word) problems?


  1. Brain Frequency & Development?

So how do we create these belief systems – or BS as you call it?


Do your programs cover all of this – there is so much to it all!


A free resource for this week's show is the Clair Senses handout

Unwavered Success with Mell B

Unwavered Success with Mell B
Show Host
Mell Balment

After delivering over 650 Mindweb Analysis sessions I've created a process that understands the enmeshment and complex memories overlaid into our emotions and behaviors.

We often don't realize that Ego is controlling our super-conscious and playing the lead role by protecting us from re-living traumas we've had in our past lifetimes.

For example...

You want to start showing up online about something you strongly believe in. You've considered doing a FB Live or video for Youtube but either:

  • You've got the concept buzzing around in your head but when you sit down to write the bullet points you suddenly feel stuck and don't know where to begin, or

  • Every time you begin the task of recording, something crops up and sabotages your efforts, the lighting isn't right, you can't find the cables

What's happening is that Ego is trying to 'keep you safe' by avoiding the completion of the project.

It's very good at manipulating our reality to match its subconscious powers!

I've discovered how to align Ego with our spiritually driven desires;

creating quantum shifts in our wealth, health, and soul purpose.

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