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Unlimited Life, June 9, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest David Corbin

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest David Corbin

Title: David Corbin - Illuminate the Negative for Positive Results

Description: Renowned entrepreneur and business guru shares the genius of illuminating the negative for positive results.

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Ohio's team to call Brandon and welcome we have such a special and such an extraordinary show for you today and I am so excited and so honored to introduce today's gifts David Corban and he's generously sharing it or he is the author of the book which is the top business suits and I am honored and privileged to have him today to teach us all how we can eliminate our own world and become the center of the spotlight of her own success welcome to the show
thanks Nicole I'm always happy to talk with you to be able to actually shed a light on problems not too high not to bury them not to sit there and not there and just focus on all the things that are working beautifully but to actually look at them and then Megan success from being able to see where their foibles and failings and turn that around and I just I love the idea that you send a text with Vonage nobody really asked me that question I'm glad that you did because it has to do with me sitting and watching a video with my daughter with
4 years old do you remember it was a Disney video where the dancing bear things you've got to positive as I'm watching this with my little baby girl who is now 35 years old by the way I'm watching this and I'm realizing you know my mind wanders the business and I'm taking my clients Through The Years who have really done well and like a choking with them you know really trippin a lot of don't they were ones who give me a limited the negative those were the ones who actually went into and didn't run away from the negative and they actually is illuminated the negative and that's really where a lot of that.
go into the issues and don't put them in a million-dollar bill
somewhere underlying our problem even at that level is it scary to go digging do you have to be a brave Soldier to actually look to see what's wrong you make it right
most people would think that issues and problems in in organizations and that when they bring them up and the organizations that actually allow for people to communicate to illuminate the negative and a positive how can we talk about your issues are not going to the whining you know most organizations are just ignoring that entirely eliminated
I sometimes and here's a way that we would like you to bring that up grow chat or introduce it and then they actually die a lot on that and then that's a culture so it's no longer people like not able to make eye contact because they know there's a bunch of Lies being perpetuated people that go in with her eyes wide open and they can actually say you know I think we got a problem over here and I wish they would just go away with that problem cuz that's not the culture that really really thrives today so in answer to question it doesn't breed negativity is open to Dialogue on communication at all levels including talking about problems issues
so great you know what I was reading your book one of the things that touch me the most impressive I loved your book by the way I was enchanted by the one of the fastest just it was so easy to read and at the same time at the end of every page really struck me to the core was in a lot of these companies and organizations in the story along the way happy or things were being run correctly and by just giving them the opportunity to share what was happening in there could be brought up to a higher level or above the line level not only did they stay but they ended up becoming employees that actually help changing of all the company to success
why you are a good student you read that and you were saying that very well absolutely you know a lot of people ask me about the book but I don't think so thank you for that yeah people in organization when they are listen to party and they actually 45 years to get a car from concept to to you know you working until a picture if you will a 3/4 cat or a triangle and online collaboration
breeds creativity and commitments collaboration breeds creativity and commitments and so when you actually get people engage in collaborating hey you know what's going on in years was happening and tell me your problems and blah blah blah but then you actually three creativity and yes commitment so when I listen to you it's like wow you know I'm actually engaged in this organization and it's remarkable how far invoices will go when she fell in there you know what makes us as part of the team when they are in the book where you know we we talked about you know this is a business in O'Fallon and allegory which is I think Wyatt it is pretty easy to read
yeah you can see some people going through the process of issues and challenges they could actually bring it up Chicago lottery to loyalty the creativity and the Fortune 500 companies you work with individuals different when you're an entrepreneur Corporation to being able to say okay this is how we get your business from this level to this next launch in this next Grand level of success the same thread in the same through line that you were working with or is it different for each and every situation or scenario
it's a little bit more appealing because you see the entrepreneur in the specially if you're a solo preneur working from your home office somewhere and it's like you can't run from these issues will you can you can you know decide to quit work early or will you not really do need to go to the dry cleaners and you can go into the solar panels as well I mean I've seen that and people you know they have to admit you hold yourself accountable to the illuminate bottle at any level of your any size business
it's amazing you know just like the law of gravity you know you believe in it or not you know you walk off of any building you're going down baby kind of control says to the extent that we can control our time life and I guess today we feel good about herself and eliminate this stuff part of the consciousness of who we are and when we come back I would love to talk about how people can work with you and I know now that you are just absolutely exploring into the Brandon world
the health world and I would love to share that with our audience because I have watch companies and individuals to Skyrocket from your coaching to fix that somewhere
we are back on passionate living with Coach about Luminate and how to actually highlight shed light on to the problems into situations that are stopping you walls for those barriers anything that has kept you from succeeding and actually launching a six-pack and I love to go back to say they don't you know one of them is that we feel good about ourselves today you know is how many of you have done something it wasn't on the list but you put it on the list just so you could check it off because it is so good
issues that you might otherwise have either avoided the Press tonight you know or slept on your confidence and I feel like that's just as beautiful as the law of gravity is that which I call the law of control and so yeah it is sort of the most people know that there's something that's knowing that if they would have put in the light of day and deal with the peace of mind would share the confidence with Cher and I see this all the time I'm I'm actually driving now I'm on my way to the to a meeting and then to pick a client who owns a large franchise company is franchise is all over North America and we're going to do an illuminate session on some of the areas that are awake and alert
where is he is there other issues that I'm working that he suspected and we've isolated and when we do the three-step model face it and follow it and then fix it till go back a much lighter person
track you down and work with a company that you want to be coached by you and to bring you into your company or Corporation
yeah it's kind of cool some of the work I do want is with Skype but there's a Fortune 500 company I'm just starting to work with and I will work with the executive leadership team on my website some of them another thing they could sign up for a free 10-minute evaluation to see if there's opportunity to help him it's that's part of my 10 minutes even if I can't work with them
that's great and I know now that you've been working also on branding I think it's the pictures of the year old boy that comes with the photographs and so I know that when you have a product effervescent from whom the world right now
set it up for you we are all our own brand from the angry upset distraught steam coming from his nostrils courage to the van and exuberance brother who is a volunteer after she works at it so funny I do the speech and I I asked if I said how many of you check out the speaker on Facebook before you attend the event all these hands went up I said so I have a microphone here and I'd like someone to talk about David Corban and see we had seen every week after my 5K Bhutan always come out wearing seaweed on my head or body or something like that and has the audience knew it and they got a kick out of it no that's not
but I'm clearly the guy who likes to have fun and do exercises and presenting Grand Slaughter hunting Brands water we know what manslaughter is and you're either building your brand or you're killing your brand and nothing nothing nothing is neutral
it's about the essence of a book and it's also a hospital and the security guard since the Brand's the value the vision the values of the medical center and the new hoity-toity robotic cardiac surgeon who is sort of settling the brand at every step of the way and how the two of them so they get together and how the reader as well as that search and learns the importance of brand integrity and oh my God there's some stories in my life around that that literally bring Goosebumps
it's crazy the book has a life it came through me I wrote it on the author but literally the book came through me to remind organizations and individuals that you're either living brand of yours or you're killing it
that's a great one or two tips that you can give our audience as far as not letting their brand sort of be liquefied oryx
you live your life
yeah I mean I give you one chip that anyone listening can you really get the ex if they just do this one thing by the way the word you were looking for I think was homicide organization would like a chalk line around it you know like a crime scene you know that because you know if clients centered and caring and concern and then the receptionist ignore someone who walks in or they answer the phone like a b c, i mean that's killing Brandon answer the CEO goes well
ultimately responsible but it's integrity and what do you know what you're branded let's say you haven't understood yet by the way do you know what you value so and you simply go around everybody in your organization and if it's if that everybody is just you find so big you go around Lincoln interface that you're having with this world with the universe out of it and inanimate object
and see if you're managing or how you're managing the brand the brand is alive and every touch point and you do an audit the audit
the parking lot of a retail that's for of course your customers at every aspect
call Kerri Bryant at every touch Point wow it is revealing it's a full of a little bit of Illuminating and it's sometimes it's shocking off and it's motivating it could be downright depressing you don't have to but I think you're well advised to take a look at every touch point and then even the stuff that you don't like what you see is positive because if you don't see it
it doesn't mean it's not there and if you don't see it another see it you don't understand why you're losing market share or why not this is it or those employees aren't having you know years ago and my wife and I were sitting there in the doctor's office and he said well I'm sorry to tell you that it is malignant and it is breast cancer
was that good news or bad news well it wasn't the news we wanted to hear but in some regards we needed to hear because if we didn't hear it
she would if she could have died and that was 28 years ago thank God she's my ex-wife it's still one of my best friend and she's alive to talk about it so sometimes the bad news is good news and they said I had actually store on our new home on um times and success today
hi it's Nicole Brandon we are here with David Corbin talking about brand Slaughter and how to illuminate your business to success therapy background and I'm really curious how you ended up one of the most
distorted success they love your work they love your books people can't actually teach entrepreneurs and business owners and you teach group and so I would love to know the game sharing your information
it's funny because you know I was very very low self-esteem kids growing up yeah I would say yeah I was very insecure and sort of precocious I mean outside a good personality and I would overcompensate become very very popular in the athlete I would truly Bridge you're actually you know everything I'm doing right now is an absolute at it as it comes to relationships and I
I'll be better prepared at 5 but we just hit it off so well they started their foot while we hit it off and we just spend the nice weekend and you know that they slept in the green room and and and and so what I see opportunities to really help individuals really step into their greatness I just for some reason and sometimes I see it or nothing
hey I just sorta got good at it as an early age and I guess I worked on myself as a kid and I was maybe aware of it you know a lot of them started out with speech impediments and then the reason that there is there so eloquent as a enunciate clearly is because they didn't take it for granted they actually got to the dorm and we needed as a kid I bring that into everything I do whether I speak to an audience at the keynote or I can go one-on-one why do Consulting in Arkansas
interpersonal Dynamics which is that's the Nexus between love love and love
that's beautiful and fascinating to me and then how did you get into the fitness center and gas well I'm working with little most magnificent people in the world and and Smith she's an architect that she's really into a lifestyle health and nutrition and she's now known as the lifestyle architect and she and I are throwing a book called and about you know the food industry a lot next to the pharmaceutical industry in the lifestyle Jerry Mathers the fever and John Gray and Sharon lechter for conversation
this is the information that we need to disseminate all so I'm totally you know I was 40 pounds heavier but I was on medication for Lipitor and I made that transformation and it's a disinformation that has literally changed literally changed my life so I'm really excited about what are you talking about you being a seaweed guy is a healthy business and healthy relationship and a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle
right on right on you know I bought a domain years ago call the unencumbered entrepreneur and that's all about you know the entrepreneur really can't do her business upstairs Lee got some really cool cars and I like my little two-seater convertible and stuff today or worthless without the right Fuel and so to see entrepreneur or any business person for that matter if you don't put the right fuel in the system it ain't going to go and so you can't think clearly and it's just it's kind of freaky to think that we could plus you know I don't know olive oil in our gas tank and then it's going to go
so when you're taking things like statin drugs statin drugs which reduces the thickest multimedia hoax multimillion-dollar homes in the world I'm not telling people to get off your Statin drug search and ask if there are so many other things that are being forced down our throat by Apparition corporations can breathe out their profit than you and Nicole and everyone else listening and that's part of another book to play wanted to ask somebody fine
Steven prevention prevention's probably the best year but I also specialize in turned around I don't specialize in it but I've done quite a few of my most recent call I like startups I like I like every aspect of you if the business has a person or people I'm usually pretty interested and every client before I engage them I don't know if I can help you and I never do know that and yet you know we do you can just take a minute there with her audience of STD has The Branding strategy the language
I was honored to be invited to be a very serious about living a big life and then serving through business philanthropy not-for-profits more like a million and that's why it's a motivation way up there to do the opening Keynote
zacian out there any solid and it's such an honor and a privilege being with you and somewhere with David Corbin when we return here on living on our new home and on time and I love what de hell you're talking about had illuminate your business talking about really being able to differentiate your brand and be able to have that brand be aligned with your Consciousness the health in your
life in your spirit and your soul and your business in your relationship and that prevention and really being able to start a business in healthy fashion is the way to start on the pathway to success Somewhere With You
if you remember living fearlessly joyful happiness pleasure of living call Brandon detaching Technologies Wellness Health love and passion all merging together and learn how to
text Nicole Brandon we are back with David such as you and having you here you are always I just love being with you because you are absorbed in the material of the people that use interview which is why you are who you are because she ate that and I always asking the show is called passionate living living mean to you
well passionate listening to me is honoring the Divine honoring this great spirit whatever you call that that that Spirit some people called God's people, but I believe honoring that Spirit by living a big life I mean we all have an expiration date before that date you know we wouldn't tolerate that when we shopped at the supermarket attrition particular nutrition exercise has this gift called Life by not taking good care of herself.
40 years ago this guy to let me he said that you're either green and growing or ripe and rotting and they never stay
text Aunt that's perfect that's absolutely perfect so I love an explanation of passionate living and I know that you need and you live it's extraordinary and passionate like in everything that you do from the authorship to your teaching and your coaching and your leadership and the way that you share your information on your time and you're saying you gift people 10 minutes of your time just so you can listen and see if there's a way that you can help them I don't know anybody else that does that and the alignment and truly from the heart and spirit and soul the way that you do the way that you're saying that I just really want to be able to assist people in finding their greatness in the whole entire Lee different way and I know that you do each and every day and every time that you open the door
we are on the call or you're in front of an audience working with people and so I would love you to share much more how people can find you cuz I know people all over the world you know I'm one of those weirdos who is David which is c o r d i n
and it'll increase questions or whatever and much to my assistant Chagrin but it's just part of my interested and ears last I just turned 63 last week and so in the next 50 60 years how many people as I can and as beautiful you are you're filled with joy and happiness and health love and success and all the wonderment and magical things that you should come your way and if it doesn't mean that I listened to this program today and
are lucky enough to be Hills to find this man and to work with him your year can be changed as well and your entire life can be changed as well on your success and even truly is the creme-de-la-creme and the gift of the business world and your illuminate your grandfather your house your Visions your dreams and the way that you bridge people to the other side of their success is just absolutely extraordinary and I'm always grateful that you were picking up Fortune 500 people the Air Force is working with them and off you go to help everybody
thank thank you very much for having me to call when I was reading this book I couldn't put it down it was something that I went through so quickly I was able to grasp and see if it was sharing everything that was in that book and the Gianni and the way he shared the information the character in this book learns to eliminate his business and the way that you learn how to mirror that in your own life and your own success and to be able to work and to talk and communicate with your own employees and your own business partners and really be able to see a way to open those doors and the windows in the hallways and really Skyrocket
he's never had before and I've also had the pleasure and share opportunity of watching needed teach in the front of the room and he was talking about Co space and organization that if you've been listening to our shows for the past few years and there was one of my favorite organizations in the world and I mean huge huge huge fan of this organization and David as he teaches procedure of space and if you are really interested in growing your business in a different way if you were interested in collaborative cooperation a way to share information away to share resources to really listen to learn and to be able to work together to be able to change the world transform the planet and really create a different tomorrow today then CEO space is that place since I could do was teaching
audiences laughing tears rolling down my eyes my ribs are hurting and I could be in the best comedy show in the world and then that night my brain will not shut off because of the amount of information that he has poured into me that I didn't even realize how much I was learning how much I was being enlightened
and he does it with such joy and I love sharing such effervescence and such and such that it really is a gift worth giving yourself so any opportunity you have to work with David or to be as CEO spacer to find his material in his book really can enhance your business to levels like never it's wonderful being here on an X as we talked about conscious radio and conscious media and those of you who are in other countries right now and those of you who are hundreds of thousands of miles away that are tuning in and listening to the show week after week and have the opportunity to be introduced to somebody that could David Corban somebody who really has the keys and the tools and secrets in the doorway in the windows and those Pathways to success like never before
and it's a way for you really should just open your heart your spirit and your soul and somehow and you're listening to David Corban you know in your heart of hearts you know you're lying with your Consciousness you know you're lying with your vision you know you're lying with your dreams you know you're lying with your six-pack and that's what makes me so special because they allow in offer these incredible incredible gifts that aren't there top of all of the ways you can live the unbridled life so life is Unlimited in the life of your dreams that you know you are always been having you here and following us as well on her hourglass fried show on Thursdays at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. eastern time
are you stepping into a relationship that might be whether you were looking for a relationship that might be you you could be married 25 30 50 years wanting to deepen your relationship you might have lost a loved one or want to start over or maybe it's even a business partner someone that you are working with it you want to learn how to communicate have those conversations and speak the Unspeakable and the things are difficult to talk about Finance or investment or Wheels were Escape Manning or leadership or who is going to be in charge of what aspects of their relationship whether it be your Fortune 500 company you are
what was David talking about he is another word other than entrepreneur that I love a soul open you are with her now you are actually making that solopreneurship of partnership with somebody else and you were opening your life and your business in Your Vision to either a spouse or to another partner and Stevie was talking about bring somebody on it's very successful and they're feeling combining different environments, and so it's absolutely everything relationship for David Corban and for myself we are wishing you the greatest success the unbridled success is unlimited life that you always dreamt there and I would love you to think about how you can eliminate your life today
what areas would you like to look at that you could shed a light on that would actually Enlighten your entire life
he be able to have this week

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