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Breaking The Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guest, Serena Mastin, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert

The Bev Moore Show with guest Ashbell McElveen, Chef / Founder James Hemings Society, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, contributor to High on the Hog on Netflix, Josephine Baker LMJC projecta and TV personality.

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline

Guest, Ron Boat

Short Bio:

Ron Boat – started his marketing and media production company in 1971 serving national and int’l clients. Out of that, in 2011, grew an invitation to write for a political blog and from there his op-ed articles and interviews have appeared on Red Nation Rising, Western Free Press, World Net Daily and others. He’s a veteran, entrepreneur, a true patriot, and self-made fun guy that loves life and America. (and girls he’s single too)


Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams

Guest, Jillian Coburn, Author, Survivor, Entrepreneur

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest David Corbin

Title: David Corbin - Illuminate the Negative for Positive Results

Description: Renowned entrepreneur and business guru shares the genius of illuminating the negative for positive results.

Today we discuss accomplishing dreams one step at a time by finding our wings and flying straight towards success.


Our first guest, award-winning journalist Melinda Wittstock, shares how she overcame obstacles in her life and leads other women to entrepreneurial success by helping them achieve the right mindset to manifest the money and mojo they need to land their moonshot.

Today we discuss harnessing your entrepreneurial ADD to kick your business off to an amazing start this year!


Our guest, Dr. Elisa Magill, talks about empowering entrepreneurs to manage workplace relationships, everyday distractions, and build the mindset for optimal growth and productivity.

Today we discuss the pros and cons of resolutions and why they don’t usually work, along with how you can have more vitality and greater enthusiasm in the new year!


Our guest, Yvonne Larson, shares how to break the vicious cycle of failure and invites you to give yourself the gift of living your optimal life by never making a New Year’s Resolution again.

A recipe for personal achievement.  What is an 'Outlier'? Failure Quotient?  Why does that matter?

These questions and more will be answered by John.