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Unlimited Life, February 23, 2022

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Katie Cleary
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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Katie Cleary

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Katie Cleary

Nicole’s Guest: Katie Cleary and Peace4Animals

Katie Cleary is a known animal rights activist, supermodel and actress. Katie is perhaps best known for her involvement in banning the sale of fur in West Hollywood and her appearances on NBC's Deal or No Deal. She has also made numerous television and film appearances including NBC's Chuck. Iron Man 2, CMT's Working Class, America's Next Top Model and more. Cleary has raised tens of thousands of dollars for organizations such as HSUS, Much Love Animal Rescue, SPCALA, Wildlife Way Station, and more.

The vision of Peace 4 Animals is to have a world that lives in peace with all animals around the globe and to one day eliminate the endangered species list and restore the endangered population from only a few decades ago which have been depleted from corporate greed, deforestation, poachers, the fur trade and many other factors - all of which are human related. Peace 4 Animals' goal is to increase awareness and educating the public to put an end to the mistreatment and abuse of animals all around the world. Peace 4 Animals helps to pass bills and raises money to nurture wild, domestic and endangered species from poachers, corporations, and the illegal Black Market Trade of animals

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Guest, Katie Cleary

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Katie Cleary
Katie Cleary
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Filmmaker, producer, and philanthropist
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Katie Cleary is a filmmaker, producer, and philanthropist. Cleary received her first break on the hit TV show, ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and has had an expansive career in the modeling and entertainment business for over 20 years. She has appeared in over 50 campaigns and commercials worldwide.

Cleary is the Founder and Creator of ‘World Animal News,’ which covers the latest breaking animal, environmental, and plant-based news from around the world. She is also the President and Founder of the animal welfare organization, ‘Peace 4 Animals.’ She produced and wrote the award-winning documentary, ‘Give Me Shelter,’ that premiered on Netflix in 2015, and just finished her second documentary titled ‘Why On Earth,’ which follows the work of the leaders at the forefront of the animal welfare movement.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon
Dame Nicole Brandon

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Wyatt family call Brandon on welcome to unlimited life is such a special and such an extraordinary show for you today when we created unlimited life it was my deepest desire to bring to you the top experts in the world that would bring to you the keys the tools and techniques and the secret of how to live in a limited life how to live without boundaries Without Borders to have that unbridled life in that kind of life that we always knew we'd rent them and desired and that piece of heaven on Earth

and employees World in today's society so often we come across barriers or boundaries or walls that prevent us from living the kind of life that we know we've tripped over that we were meant to live and today's guest is extraordinary today we were talking with Katie Cleary and beyond all of her extraordinary unbelievable Exquisite Talent as a Hostess actress in the model and all the changes and gives for the run in humanity is also a huge advocate and incredible humanitarian and today she's talking to us about that

just for me one of them has heart-opening organizations I've ever come across which is peace for animals and what that looks like in the animals whether they're domesticated animals right now that are endangered and how we've been treating those animals and where the animals are trapped where they're being hurt and where there is hope and where you can help organizations for Animals it can help and so I am so excited to bring you today is gift and with great honor and privilege we welcome today to the show Katy Perry Katy welcome to the show questions to ask my guess is always been effective when you were a little girl when you were fired 6 and 7 and 8 and other people want to be a school teacher

whatever could you have a natural instinct or propensity towards one towards animals and others towards helping others or Humanity or recycle something that all of a sudden you saw on Justice and your life changed at some point

it says my mother on your sheet she would really show me you know not depend on anybody but you know you can you can do it yourself you know you have to be a powerful strong woman and anything you put your mind you know you can do so from a young age I always knew I believe it's the calling to rescue and rehabilitate his animals and start my own organization and you know on top of that I wanted to be a zoologist and Anna's going with pretty intense and and for me I think the best use of my time was Noah getting involved in entertainment and using entertainment of the class so I'm definitely going to be

that's so beautiful I mean it really is when I look at what you're doing I look at your doctor has me which by the way is really incredible because the most beautiful tapestry because you're beautiful inside and out and you become rated truly becomes as radiant supermodel and then I look at the shows you've been on whether is Deal or No Deal or the Iron Man 2 and working-class and America's top model and a sense of humor shows through and everything you do your heart she's doing everything you do your courage your bravery to your commitment and you truly are just such a beautiful beautiful being spiked to this next really it's just

is a lot of people you know they think that she might hear that all the time but it's really not true you know I think that is important to encourage each other to be a part of him and it's not all you know rainbow and candy and it's not you know it's not like a lot of people do you know a very glamorous and yeah there is a part of that and do you really have to do you know how to really sticks skin to be doing you know what we're doing here in entertainment and then using that for the greater importance to use a platform that got gave you you know what to do to raise awareness doesn't have to be a animal that can be for children it can be for cancer can be really for anything but I believe it.

that's beautiful and feeling you were little and your modeling in your acting and what was that like for you as a child because so many child actors don't make out on the other side and I know because I was a child actor it's just so many people you know have been left behind but you have had to school and thread of success and it's almost like a doorway or a pathway or gateway to the next step in the next step and the next step and now you're opening on a global level to be able to communicate you know what these animals in a different way when you talk a little bit about your process and doing that 12 years old starting on entertainment entertainment but you know it was something and I really wanted to do was enough for my mom to do and

I will support you 100% you know and she would travel with me and you know it very young age and you know I'm in really just be my rocking chair that I was part of was America's Next Top Model first season and I was in college junior in college when I shopped at and luckily I was eliminated in time to finish college, non-fat you know there's no way you're going to quit college to to do modeling you have to finish and get your degree because you cannot depend on able to get up in the parking agree in college and I went to college for a track scholarship and then from there you know I actually graduated real estate pick up the money in Chicago and I knew it was really expensive and check all the money that I saved up from Real Estate and moved out you know here and in ten years

the first edition you know that I booked was Deal or No Deal and I really didn't know much about the show but with something that you know I figured this would be a great start to meet a lot of friends and 26 you girl friends on the show you know and I really didn't know a soul when I moved out here by myself so it was just you know and I always wanted to be involved in your team has been have my own animal show and and produced you know films raising awareness for Animal Welfare so I'm finally doing that with my phone give me shelter and no took me three years to produce it and it's finally going to be out of Netflix May 15th so I'm really really excited about that and but it is it has been a roller-coaster really has been if it's definitely not easy but you know you just have to have a vision of know where you want your life to go and and you really can do anything that you put your mind to sew

I just love that and I want to go back for just a second because you talked over that I want to make sure that we let people know about this town that you're doing so I love the title thank you I absolutely wonderful wonderful wonderful title so accessible to me how many people especially in our world and entrepreneur world are in the entertainment world when people are traveling as much as they are traveling it's very difficult to get yourself into the movie theater screenings and all the time are able to find things on Netflix from their hotel wherever they are considering the baby sleeping and go on Netflix in the nursery or wherever you are and so tell me first how the movie came to be

no honestly everything from the Animal Welfare in a side of my life has really been an epiphany I have to be honest I woke up one morning and the Epiphany to start piece for Animals I was right right before you just need to start giving shelter and to start the environment and communication act and if it just crazy I literally I remember waking up one morning and get my mind working out why don't you let you know in entertainment and used their voice and they have the same time to raise awareness with your family and popping and I had literally in the morning and spoke up and it just came to me and and I believe it wasn't a coincidence I believe that it's it's something that you know will give him some.

and as of recently you know might not FaceTime in in God and Jesus has become much more stronger than it was when I was younger and I think that I'm in my life it's just giving me this whole other sense of know you're living to help others to help the planet you're not living for yourself we're here for a specific purpose and everyone has their own purpose in mind

so I can shelter the bow tie the most important Antelope Pharisees or why do it touches on the ivory trade tiger conservation puppy mills in the fur trade a lot of things that are very very hard for people to see but but we need to raise awareness and educate these people in order to say these animals to try to save on Lafferty 200 tigers from Extinction in the wild Rhino just went extinct in Africa people understand that were in crucial times right now and no we might be the extinction of the Big Five in Africa if we don't do something dollars a year so it's something that I know it's really really important

that's incredible do you know when you talk about this whole thing are you talking about the extinction of animals and I know I'm a member of the pachamama alliance and the pachamama alliance to mission statement is to create an environment least a chance to stainable spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on our planet which is just incredible and the first time that I was at a symposium and realize I'm recognized all of the species that have been disappearing before I I mean species under the water species on the land and it's happening and we're not even aware that they're disappearing and I told you that and so when you have awareness and it comes to you that these animals are becoming extinct or they have become extinct or that they need help or the black trade one how does that affect your heart because it must not be easy to know the

information and to have limited resources with the knowledge and to watch what's happening before your eyes and it how do you decide what to do next because you do feel like you're helpless and and you know what work literally working day in and day out and got a thousand California and we partnered to literally make it law to be able to do animals have rights to be able to you know you know you know they're part of our world are not our property and it's something that you know yeah we are there their caregivers but it's just when it comes to endangered species if it's the hardest thing to witness the extinction of of this rhino that just happened last last week is just you know I felt like my heart jumped out of my chest

a lot of wonderful people in Africa. You know if I'm just outside enough I feel like I need to be to be there in order to get the job done and and no be on the front lines to witness it firsthand and so that's why I'm going to Africa later this year because we might see the extinction of animals in our lifetime and they've been around for millions of years and it's something that I emailed personally I I I don't want to be around to see it I really don't because you know this is my mission this is why I was put here to to raise awareness for these issues

you look at these animals when you look in their eyes do you think that they know

that they're in trouble or do they think that they know that you were there to help that they

I think I know I know what there is such a gentleman, and we have a lot to learn from them know we're just thinking of you know what the next thing is going to be and worrying and what our future is going to be and they're just in the moment and know every moment as if it was their last and that's really what we need to do so we have a lot to learn from them and I think it's just about getting back to Nature and you know and I know I mean maybe even doing more ecotourism and you know watching a little bit more National Geographic and having more you know animal News segment on the news I mean I really think that.

we share the Earth with 8.7 million species and we're just one of them and I think that if we could you know how a little new segment know every night like we have the medical news and we've got no unfortunately all the shooting that they highlight in which we really don't need shouldn't be hearing about happy meal with no deal coming which was happening right now and he is just heartbreaking that were born you know that unfortunately in captivity many times and and you know being born into this world where humans take advantage of them so

horrible I really am trying to fight

when you lost your doing this by the way and you're talking about a lot of different issues and all of the issues are important and so if it's for the approaching if it's for the black market trade if it's for this feels if it's for the puppy mills like you know which is just so cool has someone go and how can someone that's listening to the show at his program make a difference in an animal don't buy any animal go to your local shelter and adoption animal because there's a million animals that need good homes and then every year there's eight eight to ten million animals in the shelter cuz I can't find home

so I would say I know of course number one thing adopt don't shop number to I would say recycle reduce reuse a lot of the Plastics in the plastic water bottles and everything that we use on a daily basis you know ends up either in a landfill or end up in the ocean and there's a thing called did Great Pacific Garbage Patch Texas right now and it's like a cool I got my plastic soup just in the ocean and it's polluting not only the oceans but all the animals better than eating it cuz I think it's food so please recycle used for use of second thing I don't use pesticides or or rat poison or anything cuz it works its way up the food chain and it ends up eliminate some of the apex predators and Green Mountain Lion bobcat and fox and things that you know I really need in order to know the circle of life going so

what is ecotourism and go to Photo Safaris if you're ever going to want to go anywhere and there's many many great great companies that support ecotourism and go to Safari and I would say support them as for the conservation support you know all the organizations are doing wonderful wonderful work you do you know yourself become aware of what's happening around the world because we're still working and fighting to save some of the things that you know people can you know can help out with this is Justina starts in your home you could meal volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitator everybody usually have one you can go by and check the shelter Beach cleanups you can do 10 and clean up and there's a really million things you can do no fundraisers

so that's great and then you know one thing I want to add to that if I can cuz you're sharing this extraordinary list is to buy products that are not animal test it yet another thing yes you're right absolutely look at the bunny bunny makeup or shampoo or whatever you're buying important it is to not have yes 100% and in a lot of people don't ya again don't realize what these animals are tortured you know for our next door you know pretty much Jim shampoo and conditioners lotion on my face and even sometimes kittens and puppies and there's enough technology out there that we don't need the animals anymore to do this so it's very archaic

connect so great to be able to say not to use pesticides because I don't think people even think about that they're helping or rescuing animals by not using pesticides and noon as you're saying it's going up the food chain and I also note in the plastic bottles they just rings that have the soda cans and plastic bottles anymore and you just get those reusable know that you can buy any grocery store and you and make sure the plastic his face cuz of course you don't want to leave it in the car cuz you know we have to be careful. That's all you really need to mean we don't need to know have any liens and millions of bottled even billions bottles every year so now in landfills and and then you know ended up in the ocean and

it's just you know I think it's a crime

I remember that Julia butterfly Hill who was one of the loggers up in Ecuador when they were cutting down all the trees and she said it one point when you threw something away where is away

I know it's true and when I know it's something we had a campaign cookies to again lotions shampoo and conditioners contain palm oil and it's destroying the rain forest at 3 field every hour and they kill the orangutans live their babies in the black market babies from their mothers and it's just 90% of orangutans are gone because of the oil industry and there's no reason why it should be in one of our products in the grocery store so look on the back of products to make sure you don't purchase anything contain palm oil

well know what is pom well and it comes from the African song just the cheapest vegetable oil that you can buy but it's just you know it's so readily available and I put it in every single one of our products

Salvage circus cheap cheap oil it's really not even good for you would encourage people to have coconut oil and olive oil and oil

great advice unbelievable that one of the other things that I absolutely love is your logo Angelo Tyler go and fabulous logo cuz I you know in the morning I woke up and thought about no peace for Animals I know I've had this vision of I love big cats and tigers are one of my favorite species of tigers are left in the wild cooking hundred of them so we had a campaign was born free for something that I know why I wanted to have a peace sign and you. And I wanted to have a tiger or big cats you know imagine

in the peace sign and then you know I was going to played with the words a little bit and it's actually a contest at 3 between 3 different designers and this one girl won the contest and I picked her design and that was before animal logo

it's one of my favorite logos I've ever seen and I can honestly say that it's something you can close your eyes and it's like an imprint just copy that in your mind in your Consciousness really think you haven't left me since I've seen it yes it's just fabulous logo thank you thank you I really started I mean you do so much from the deforestation the poachers the fur trade and changing the laws and so did it start with okay we're going to do this we're going to save the seals or we're going to save the Dolphins and and then another piece came and another piece came or was it we're just going to start an organization that helps all areas and all humanity and blanket at in and see what it covers them

yeah you know I really could have started with what you know there's no saving all animals on my passion happens to be endangered species and nephew and rehabilitating them find homes for domestic animals are me nice you know I am I love big cats and in knowing the Tigers and you're one of the most endangered species next to rhinos and elephants I want to start with tiger conservation so I'm innocent when I started this for animals and then shortly after that so I can give him shelter free to raise the money for this afternoon and we did here in Hollywood and

where we first started on them so we wanted to go down the front of the line of telling all endangered species of tigers and we didn't know orangutang palm oil because of what's happening in Zimbabwe unfortunately I'm with you. Wasn't stolen from the wild in Zimbabwe cuz you know they really don't care they want to make money and so they told me about it I guess 30 more recently stole from the wild another 60 something elephants that are being sold and other parts for their Ivory and it's something that I think that the you and me to get involved in something that I should be aware of

so we're trying to save these babies were actually right now because we need to we need to get them back to them before they're put on it's going to take 3 weeks to get them to China and it's just it's really really heartbreaking that that these animals could live their lives when they were in the Wilder you know for the last 45 years and now they're going to be in captivity for you know God knows the next fifty years you know it needs horrible horrible conditions of zoos in China for their part so I'm set up with something that will work on the social compassion legislation and people on the ground in Africa

that's incredible and then how does someone not see someone taking elephant it was not just that the problem is is that if the government they were part of it essentially they were the ones who you don't organize now everybody to go in and wrote these babies in a while that took a lot of people a lot of helicopters a lot of vehicle do it and they were able to vote then separate them from you know their mother isn't and not using also shooting guns in the air and Amir open in captivity during quarantine for a couple months and then you know they have people to come in and make sure that they're you notes it to be able to make the trip the problem is is that

a lot of these are not wings so you know if these elephants are all under the age of five years old and and as you know many people know that they need their mother up until 5 years old age of 5 music on the boats so I'm looking at you

so it's something that we were made aware of ya and in New York we went to the meeting with the UAE Embassy here and we try to get some answers and they wouldn't they wouldn't give us any answers and then we had to resort to you know how many people on the ground that we're now in contact with two babies

heartbreaking would be taken away from their mother and then the fact can be in captivity be treated the way they treated and so far from the home so far for the natural environment so far from freedom and then are they also sold as far as in District is pissed because I know that that's another thing that incident and circuses and in dozens of course in so it's just the fact that we know we think that we were able to control these animals and and no and have

I eat other authority that really is not our Authority it's not our job to to take these animals lives and and then you know profit off of them and sell them in captivity and people are you know now you know selling them making money you know it's just if evil and in it I believe that if I can I've seen it firsthand and I think it's a constant battle and it always will be between good and evil and the good will always Prevail but we have to fight which not give up because evil doesn't sleep so and I won't give up I'll be doing this for the rest of my life I'll fight for these animals because this is why I'm here is my job

just remarkable I'm also texting you or I can absolutely I really do and how do people get involved with the organization or find peace for animals or animals. Net how you can know help you know from your own backyard and there's so many things I could mention before the people can do to choose on your support and help you know if you want to check out the movie on Netflix on a 15 and I give Dashie. is website and yeah I mean we have also work in the fan on in order to again raise awareness and Consciousness on all around the world. Com

thank you for that info for people that are seeing an injustice watching a neighbor be the dog or the ducks that are displaced or heels that have washed up where should somebody go to report it to help it how did somebody Step Up you call your local Humane Humane organization in this case in California you know the California Wildlife Center is is on call pretty much 24 hours a day, not taking rescue to see all they can do any wild animals are you know I got hit they can come and pick him up mountain lions anything so there's always in your own city and state am sure you have many beers from around the world from around the world daycare you know Google you're at your hometown wildlife rehabilitator

Mitsubishi you can you know if it's a dog or cat you know immediately you know I'm driving and take the chicken out a mole but you know receiver precaution of course you know I always care about Terry like I'm you know big blanket in the back of my car just in case and some extra water cuz I miss having you so many times where I just know that there's a lot of emergency and you know as well cuz usually very expensive and you really need any of this stuff and you can just look up on the internet and Wildlife emergency Wildlife local Humane Society you know about fishing game although they're not the best

Humane organization

that's perfect that's great it's wonderful that you were taking your life and your heart and your spirit and soul and your talent your wisdom and knowledge and trailing it railing it all together to be able to help those who can't help themselves but don't have a choice for them to come for you today and you know what I look at your bio and Susie working to pass pills and actually raise money to nurture wild domestic an endangered species

I need more help so if you know of anyone that wants to see no Outsourcing a bit here and there you know for sure it's still not enough new you always need more people you know to help raise money for you notes to write to you know help rescue these animals to Media asking point of things to get the word out that we need help with info at peace

that's great it's wonderful and then what's next for you and your career and your life in your world are you working on any projects or is this your main focus right now is really just so you know trying to get the phone out there as much as I possibly can in and you know everyone around the world is aware of all these issues that were happening in the solution out there will be going to can this year to help get the word out and then after that I'm working on this right is mine who's a famous photographer and he started winning Awards and now he does and he shot the first half of the rent approaching documentary and he brought me on board to the producer to finished

I'm really excited about that and she's waiting for funding to being placed and then we'll go to Africa

I love anybody out there wants to help with the funding and help with the project


that's funny I love the idea that you're actually stepping in bigger and bigger and bigger and grander and taking all of your gifts and talents

the awareness

oh I need you to go get myself over a couple times

that's okay but when you're over there when you're working with you know what these animals and with approaching are you ever afraid of the poachers themselves or the danger from the government will be it's if it's not it's not going to be easy because you know where the ones are exposing it so you haven't really careful helping you and showing you showing you the ropes and the whole thing so you know it's something that you know it

it's just very very thrilling and then should we have you on the line and we have people from all over the world I know that we have questions about your modeling as well and could you have any advice for young girls that would love to go into the modeling field or love to go I would love any of it out there for others but yeah you know honestly you know I was just the best the best piece of advice I would say is you a couple just natural head shops and and different body shops in different angle and send them to you know your local modeling agency and he knows I'm a little bio information and of course you know your age and height and all of that and tell them what you're interested in doing and I will send it off to his many you know Mommy agencies in your area as possible and that's kind of what I did when I started and then I had to just begun and so I really don't know much about the show and I submitted

an entire ended up calling me and said no pack your bags are going to La and and I really didn't believe her but no I ended up going in and you know so be it but if anyone is interested you know you can also submit Top Model but you know I would say just take some simple Polaroid you know do your hair a little bit and and you know it's natural light and and send them off or two maybe for some of the next to the agency has even come up to New York and then no follow up with them give him a call and I mean if you really want want to see if there's nothing and you want to model and you think what you have what it takes don't give up just because someone says no doesn't mean that you should stop always keep going and keep you know striving for your dreams cuz that's the only way that you're really going to get there and an accomplished

do you want your life

great advice fabulous is a crash tested anything that people should be a little area. You know I asked you for money that's that's not what an agent or manager supposed to do you think they never asked for money they were going to get a percentage of whatever you make so do not pay anyone money upfront make sure that you go to the agency first and then you know I know from that point on you know they will tell you what they have to do a couple tests and pay a little bit further photographers but you know but do not know just really know any just pay anyone that comes up to you cuz usually those are is a fraud

just love talking to you because you're just so hurtful and your sewing cancel and you're so real you just care so honestly want to achieve sleeping children lovely about the sprinklers perfect we had she's a top travel agent booger whatever in the world I mean if you wanted to go to a private island didn't have Jets land somewhere and bring you and dried fruit from wherever she's that person that can find that elusive one-of-a-kind one of the million trillion day of your life whatever that is

and she was at America's Cup and she was running between speakers to get it found in the back they were calling the race it just to show you can do some quick and then we had a guest on who wrote the book bouncing the mother lode which is how do you work and be a mom and how do you be an entrepreneur and all those things at the same time she called in the baby was screaming in the background during the whole thing going off and you working with wildlife and I'm used to do perfect

we're driving by it's about a hundred degrees out right now it just feels great

no I didn't get it it's so difficult in raising awareness and you know we need more shows like your show to be out there we really do it's just you know Crystal times right now with everything that's happening around the world and we need more positive media in a positive outlooks on life and more people bring it to the Forefront so thank you for what you do show is unlimited life and so I always have to ask my guess what is leading an unlimited life mean to you

oh wow unlimited life I would say wow not having any fear whatsoever you know I tribute Sierra with you know a negative energy and negative entities in and I think that we have to know I raise awareness for the positive and and being Fearless know is having faith and having faith in the world and we can be fearless and go after our dream and our passions and never give up that's having an unlimited life to me

It's a Wonderful answer by the way but since I have you on I would just love to ask you talking about being raised by single mom and so very prevalent in today's society that we have a single parent is there a device that you would give somebody that's raising a child on their own of how to support the child you were sharing how much your mom supported you or taught you about these rights are you how to reach for your dreams or how important it was a g guided you to college is there anything that you would share with somebody out there that has a child and they're doing this on their own

oh absolutely yes you know I would just say you'll be a rock for your child be their strength because they're looking to you for everything and if you know it's hard to show weakness and it's I mean it's hard to not do you know when you're raising child on your own shoes not show them that you're upset and frustrated at mom but I would say just always put appositive face on no do not argue in front of your child and not you know you know you know whether it's the father of the mother who ever is right now in front of the child I think that is more than just to keep a positive outlook and all the other things that you may want to do or say in front of your child and then say it you know when you're alone or are you know different environment because you know

young young children growing up in an environment with a single parent and I really take that with him for the rest of the money you know I think that you know it just definitely keep that away from the environment for the child and keep everything separate as far as me to keep the positive outlook positive you know energy and everything when you're with child and then take all the negative and keep a completely separate

because it is because you're always going to have yeah you're always going to have a hard shift you're always going to have struggles are always going to have issues in your life and it's not always going to be no rainbows in bubblegum it's not and so but you know in children know that you have a sixth sense they're very very aware they're very in the moment and then we have a lot to learn from children to know you also animals living in the moment and and they're so aware of every little thing and it may cling to every little thing that you say and they look up to you as a parent and a v on the idle and so you know you just want to make sure that you know everything that you do and say and having it comes out your mouth is positive around his children

so that's why I would think it's been such a gift and such a pleasure in such a joy having you in a few animals that they have you that they have is when the word and hopefully we can and then just go ahead and give me the website and the link to the movie Just because I know people and for those of you that are out there that have been writing

add napkins and 83rd sheet of paper and you're riding in the back of my phone. Can you send a text message to pick up your phone 78 in the messages just Nicole and you can automatically download a copy of Today Show and just right into your phone or any mobile device so just to text to 55678 Nicole and you can see the palm of your hand and listen to her and learn all about the all the wonderful things that she's doing and I love it you say our mission is to create awareness for all animals one individual or individuals can collectively form a powerful group based on passion compassion and reaction

thank you thank you it's something that I've been working on for a while and I'm so glad that you know I didn't give up because there's any time but you know I wanted to and I'm sure that you're passionate about and you know an Indian you know what you want in the future for the greater good is going to be it's going to be difficult cuz you're fighting for me different different entities them in different people that you know may not agree with you or you know the good versus the evil so it's something that you know you can't give up you have to keep fighting for especially if it's something that knows your calling and fighting fighting for what you believe in

they're lucky to have you so one more time but I don't know how to find you and your aunt more information about the phone when you can visit eyepiece for animals at Keith's the number for and then animals with an s. Net and then visited our world and a new fight it's just world and then you can follow up on social media as well on Twitter and then I'm Katie Cleary 11 on Instagram so we're out there well I still look forward to having you back with us into following you and Steph success with your movies and to all that you're doing and to all the an idiot just like being touched by your heart and soul

Katy Perry piece for Animals Give Me Shelter incredible movie I love it she's using all that she has all the chairs all that she represented some of that she talks about her face and everything and that she's opening her heart every day more and more and more and more and give you more and more and more and elevating Consciousness to such a high level of the way of humanity the way that we know it were meant to live and you can help too I love the fact that you know just go to your local shelter don't buy none about how many an exchange in those that are on the verge of becoming extinct elephants that are being shipped away and it's being held in captivity and so much that you can do

and I love it I was sharing it apart of the pachamama alliance and they say that there are no small parts on the planet but everybody on the planet has a part to play and if it's your heart to shut the water when you brush your teeth fabulous if it's your part to recycle as Katie's and recycle wonderful if it's your part to buy shampoo and makeup the animal test fabulous or to buy food products that don't have palm oil in them or did you go to your local shelter do you know volunteer at the wildlife reservations are preserved as you think everybody did the thing that they were called to do the calling of the heart if each one of us stepped forward to listen to their heart what it different where else it would be incidental that she did that she just

turn it she thought she just found it on her chin and you know how or what she was doing she just had a vision she saw the logos with all the skills and she just moved forward and so if we all just take a single step forward with me to a heart with Everett calling you to do if you cannot do that what it different world and what a beautiful place we can live in a beautiful planet so much gratitude to Katie Cleary today find her find her information see what you can do to make a difference for copies Today Show to send a text to by 5678 Vanessa just simply Nicole and they're very exciting news as we chop off our passionate living that we've been hosting a GTR we are now merging with all the time and so as of this Monday May 4th and if you were listening to this showing downloading it weeks or months or years later

you can still find passionate living on on time so just go to um or on the x / mobile and Monday night 6 p.m. Pacific Time 9 p.m. eastern time you'll find me hosting passionate living on on times where we share with you the tools and techniques Yankees and secrets deleting of true Adventures unbridled incredibly outrageous scintillating and happily-ever-after like so I hope you find us there thank you thanks to Katie Cleary

different animals all the chicks doing all the chairs I love it she talks about the Tigers I love with logos a peace sign have a piece on him and then I love it you can find her so accessible whether that's Instagram Twitter on Facebook on Netflix because everywhere you turn there is no animals needing help and I remember once there was a song I talked about that every minute of every second of every day of every year there's someone that needs your help right here

as well as somewhere far away and so framed in your own backyard and she sang as you're driving by and you see a Lost Pet carrier blanket carry some water take it to get it to safety make a difference in your life and the lives of these animals and on the planet the club today so wishing you

amazing week and from Katie clearing myself there wishing you and I'm limited life and I'm private life that you always know you dreamed of desired and deserved and may your happily-ever-after train.

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