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Unlimited Life, December 8, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Gabrielle Hartwell

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Gabrielle Hartwell

Topic: Rising Up The Ladder of Love

Description: Intuitive Relationship and Life Coach specializing in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships. Dedicated to helping you break thru the illusions of love so that you can remember the divine love you inherently ARE, to feel comfortable being the unique expression of love that IS you into expression and creation.

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

welcome to hourglass bride I am so pleased and so excited for Today Show and today's guest when we created this situation and my deepest desire to bring to use the Pinnacle in the experts around the world so they can really help you cross over those lines and have that happily ever left and it all your dreams really can come true so bringing you the tools and the techniques used to do that in front of you in before your life so you really like that you know that you deserve and I can't think of their gifts on today's gifts today we were talking with Gabriella focuses on assisting others to be who they are to their fullest to really to recognize anything inside of you
Anderson Natural Essence of your unique
and that unique Divine love vibration so you can free the concession Express to the world your light this naturally attracts the reflection of your design beloved and it's on perfect timing so I know the perfect partner. They're just for me and I'm so excited I love the title I think I'm going to walk around my house and just say that you fell asleep with my dad and we will talk about that today
for the love of your life or whether you've been in a relationship and wondering is this the hard connection so connections and one for your lifetime Gabriella is currently twin flame revealed the path of Union Consciousness and she offers beloved sessions is my beautiful I think it would be such a great wedding gift to give somebody a beloved session she offers dream guidance readings intuitive readings and she also has an online course ignite the light of the carriages people to be a father you can be to the fullest and so I am thrilled I am excited I am so elated because she's so dedicated to helping us break through the illusions of love
silly remember that Divine love is in us all and we're comfortable to the expression is what love is and the ability to create that so they join my pleasure to welcome Gabriella Gabriella thank you Nicole for having me just the way you were expressing everything was like I felt like I was being embraced in your words so thank you I'm so glad to be here exactly when I want to be able to very first thing we do is we reach
do they have the loo mobile above the baby's head and we reach and someone looks in and we reach an instinct to reach out to somebody and to make that connection until I just think it's such a gift what you do and I think I told you when I first called you
and I'm just thrilled that you're here today and so I could still have to talk to you cuz I wanted to ask you is to ask people that when they were small like when they were five and six and seven and an instinct or a way of connecting people in love
you know that's a great question and I'm glad you asked that because almost all the time when people talk to me about this I say even though they don't ask it like you just did perfectly is that I've always had this feeling since I was younger of this connection that I have with somebody that I knew that I would love it and I felt his vibration I felt my vibration and I felt our unified Fusion of our vibrations together and so I knew ever since I was younger there would be some day that I would meet this person and that I would know because I've always been loving him and be connected to him so I did answer your question ever since I was growing up people would gravitate towards me and they would just naturally share their experiences and oftentimes it would be about relationships and so I would be naturally just
allowing people to feel comfortable and you notice to share who they are to share what they're going through and to offer advice though it did come naturally to me ever since I can remember
and when you talk about being a life coach and love coach and a relationship
if it sounds so magical because it's an unwillingness
and an Infinity Outside the Lines that's able to cross to one person's energy in order in to another and be together until what is that look like for you what does that feel like four
I love that you say that to Crosslines cuz I think that that's what love really does you know it's an invisible force that we bring into our tangible world you know and however we do that each of us individually in our own unique way or do we have a partnership with someone or not because that's a lot of what I share as well as that this is not so much focused on an outside Union you know what another but it's the Union within and I are one and you and I on a journey of experiencing our Oneness and so it's it it's kind of like a lighting highlighting of that in recognizing that who you all relationships are a reflection of who you are and bringing that reflection and I mean not just people but everything you have a relationship with
who you are and who you might want to be today is different than maybe who you were who you want to know who you want to be tomorrow and we were yesterday you go beyond all of the I think limitations and attachments and perceptions and boxes we can place love in this I like how you said that it goes beyond those lines really brings you into new territory beautiful magical gift
so I guess the big question is do we have a partner is such a thing as the right person to do someone that's a reflection that's out there in the world looking for a sister looking for them
I absolutely feel that if you have that feeling you have that call like I did you know when I was younger I know I'm going to meet someone someday I think it's in your soul agreement your sole intention for this life to encounter that person. Everybody chooses to have that experience in a lifetime and it doesn't mean that they don't have someone that just means it's not there and so you know but if if that's a feeling within you of of Desiring to have that connection and it's it's not from the mine doesn't come from the Mind becomes from the heart pumping knowing an injustice has through you and I feel yes we everybody does have that capability to have that experience has lifetime if it is their intention I love your the title of your show as well I I found this beautiful quote that I think I'm really represents what you're doing with the show and I love it I want to share it with you it's from
Jules Renard and The Dakotas love is like an hourglass with the heart feeling up as the brain empties I love that really is Raven we were talking about going Beyond the Lines and it really brings you into taking a look at what do I feel love is and who am I and not who I think I am truly feel that I am you know and letting the brain empty as a quote says in the heart fell off of what the Divine love truth of who you are is and bringing that our to the world feel our relationship so really all about that and I love that you chose hourglass cuz I saw what I saw an hourglass is the three aspects of Oneness in this is armed attack more detail about in my next book one person is is whole and complete in their own one that's on their own the other person is the same and then when they come together as an extension of that one that's so there's three
six of their Oneness and they meet in the middle is a constant dance of balance right even when people come together it's just constant dance of balance of all those three aspects of their Oneness to be cultivated and maintained and I love The Hourglass cuz it shows the top to bottom and the when they fused together the middle so to me that's what it represents and I just think it's it's the beautiful tile for shower
I was thinking our like oh you are like together you know that it's not just a very fragile glass is also very strong hands of time through the years but it has so much more transparent you know something I wrote that that's going to be in the next book to is your year the sacredness is in the nakedness you know and allowing yourself to be seen and glass does that as well
really is
do people call you and say I have this cheap yearning and desire to find my one or did somebody call you and say I'm getting married
I don't know if this is my life
so you don't get a lot of my clients have already met someone that has awakened the love for who they are and the twin flame connection is is really easy the deepest respect for you who you are it's the same Soul frequency and vibration is of who you are I'm so so it's the strongest and you are completely and constantly being reflected back to yourself and it makes you love the light in the dark aspects of who you are and then reflecting it back to the other so I encounter a lot of people who has met this person and or are dreaming of this person is feeling this person then let like my experience was and it's it's an interesting experience because it's it really takes you away from the normal way we try to place relationships into a box you know who it is first and foremost about Awakening and remembering who you are and yet you in the interweaving journey with
a lot of times that you meet and then you physically separate you come back together and there's this like the infinity symbol in and out experience because you're constantly balancing and doing extensive balance of your own Oneness and and the others doing the same while you're also be using that together so often times people call me really to get into the depths of what just happened to me and how do I love all the all the Shadow and the other and not going to blame or you know putting this into a box of relationship so I kind of really break down by as you mentioned at the beginning of the illusions of what love is to get at the heart of what it really is and each person has a unique experience we all have some similarities but everyone is also unique in the dent in their Dynamics
I know my dad proposed to my mom on the first date and my mom just left and said yes
and my mom always tells me she knew you know in that moment that I had and my dad says the same thing and they just celebrated last week is 51st wedding anniversary and everything but it's been difficult for me to grow up with that because then I always expect that that I was going to see somebody and all of a sudden all of a sudden
that doesn't mean that it won't
you know I think they fit well as you send the title of the first book you find your soulmate when you let go searching I think this is really a process you know it's on Journey with it you know because there is so much I think that we are to release you know we can say attachment but when we're really in the throes of expectations you know and how we feel about things and how we see things and a journey really access to be present at thinking each moment you know and to allow each experience connections and put it in tension you know what we desire to experience and it has a huge part of it
I would love to go but you have a you have a high order like you said with your mom and your dad you know I mean it's like you see that in your like that's that's what I see love to be like you know and so you're not just going into I'm going to settle to be with someone you know you're you're looking to have that deeper connection with someone and that's that's really beautiful you know because a lot of times I do work with people of bringing them out of the space being in a relationship to be in a relationship rather than to really be yourself with someone you know and and then be in love rather than just just being in a love relationship being being the love that you are each of you and being in that live together so that's that's beautiful
thank you I'll let them know
I love you with side is called rising up the ladder of and there's just a TIA and vibration and feelings even when you say rising up the ladder of Love yeah yeah it is you know what kind of makes me think two of The Stairway to Heaven song write it so popular I really feel that there's no it's really Limitless rising up a lot of love and actually like rising in love versus falling in love you know because what we do and it's only come into a relationship of divine relationship we really want to raise each other up you know and we really are right a row is rising in love you when we think a relationship Transitions and chips
learning about loving that that's raising your vibration so I like rising up the ladder of love because every relationship bring this reflection of who we are and we we have opportunities to to love ourselves to the level of ourselves the shadow Parts diem delightful pieces you know and I love also the letter as representative of the spaces in between the wrong so each experience you know that we have we're also having a process and learning and growing and receiving and giving in to the spaces in between it's like it's like this the journey the journey along the way to the next step
send text to fit such a great title it really is rising up the ladder of love her child along a wall or door to see how far that they've grown
so when I was looking at rising up the ladder and I was thinking about that
I noticed I just noticed you were talking that the two spaces see no in between the rungs here you can see the run you were just asked and the one that's coming that you're going to and it's like it you're in that the balance spot of you know they being able to or rather to give me the opportunity to be in gratitude for the previous experience and be in anticipation and in gratitude for the next it will be coming by but also it gives you that invitation to be present in the moment as well
scream ality
I think the same thing
that's a good question you know I think we use terminology to try to explain what we feel and it doesn't always do the best but yet within words I feel we have a lot of messages they're in the words themselves and I feel that they are just because of my own experience that they're they're not exactly the same thing as soulmate is is one who is you have agreed to on a soul level to come in contact with he's had many experiences in Kearney together and you come in contact with each other to really trigger things to help you rise up the ladder of love you know and so you're you're very deep Soul family in that regard and you know it's like it you know when you meet yourself Amelie members to do you say I had in awhile but I have a feeling I know you you know on this can be females as well as mail so it doesn't have to be like a romantic relationship
any type of relationship and signature is the same so it's not exactly but it is you in another form some people say they use the other half and I don't like to use that because you are really both hole on your own but your soul is I just kind of like we talked about earlier the three aspects of one that's you are one together but then you are also one on your on your three aspects of your Oneness so it's the same Soul vibration and signature you're so deeply interconnected that almost everyone that encounters are twin flame in a lifetime
no it's beforehand they just had this connection with their other piece of themselves in the other Symphony No. I guess the note of one Symphony that's a good way to say it yeah so it is it is different in that way
neutrinos Name That Tune
vibration in in all of a sudden know what it is right and so is there a danger or a challenge cancel physical skin Unlimited
can I always take in the state of emergency if there was an earthquake if it was a tsunami if there was a flyer. Whatever the person I would want to be there would be me because I'm physically strong
if I were to meet another I mean is there does that freak people out like a shriek had when you need another you or is it warm and fuzzy and like taking a marinade
yeah. That's a great question a great way to a phrase it so thank you for being there through like that honestly I think both of them I think that it is it's the one that's right at you as a as a complete Soul as well as human beings as we are having a human experience to so we're on a journey of experiencing are one that's okay you know the one that brings us clearly the reflection of our one that's in all aspects of it those three notes but then to the many layers of those three notes you know is is really intense it's intense and beautiful ways but it's also intense in other ways too if you haven't loved all the aspects of your gear what you consider your dark side of your Shadow side into the light you know I mean it brings up everything for you to take a look at it really brings you beyond your mind that's why I love that quote by Jewels for Nordic brings you really into your heart and into your soul that the mind is a beautiful thing and it's meant to be in
infusion with Inn in Union you know with your heart and your soul but oftentimes we can separate them and we try to let you know rationalize and conceptualize and understand through the mind of what's happening when it and
so it really need to take a look at who you are and who you thought you were and really let go of what you thought you were to come until you really are and with that comes a lot of emotions there's a lot of sadness people experience because there's many incarnations said we've experienced being separated and a human level you know from this you know and so there's a lot of sadness and we had we have to let go of the belief in the thought patterns that all of all of that brings up so it's a very layered process faster sweet because of that because it really brings you into the all of it I guess they all that is right in your own experience but it's a really what it does is if we go back to writing up the ladders live it's giving you an opportunity like own anything that's really not love me but we think it is you know it's like the illusion of what love is
so that we can really let all of those things go and really come into a deeper gratitude and a deeper understanding of what love is so maybe an argument or disagreement with someone and then you might have been able to see how do you know I'm really seeing myself here and something that you can bring me into deeper love with who I am and then if you allow that you have this is just the gratitude that comes and an understanding of who you are and a deeper sense and it's like wow I'm so thankful to this other person to give you this of myself and you can start even feeling good just love riding you and for yourself and for this other person that's giving you this love and then you just want to extend that loves everyone else and that's really what this is about it's about allowing that processing and I'm letting it bring you into deeper love with you your beloved and being loved and being loved
tell everyone else
tastic and so do you ever have somebody to come see you in so they've met their twin flame and then there's this great fear that maybe it's not true or maybe it's not real
yeah I think that's a common question actually the people say most people say to me good I'm glad I'm sharing with you so I feel not crazy form he was beyond our bodies we have a dream you know what this with this person before you can hear their thoughts and so just usually it goes beyond our normal perception 571 think there's any such thing as normal but I was beyond our normal experience or you know thoughts and perceptions of what would love and relationship is and often times also people need an interesting circumstances weather in relationship with a soulmate and until there's a lot of Dynamics said that it shipped as well and it really brings us into looking at it at how is how love comes into our lives and
how can we be love in all situations so it really brings us beyond the boxes of Love did I answer your question yes absolutely how did you know that you had this gift of being able to connect people to the Twin Flame and their soulmates and their light
honestly through my own journey I never even thought of this my whole life changed when I when I like my twin flame
I was just I guess what you consider having a normal life that I was I had gone to school I would I got my bachelor's in English I love writing and words ever since I was younger and I was going for my masters at the time in English and I was working a full-time job and a part-time job I was alone officer what I do now and I'll Always Love interacting with people and connecting with the loan officer like that you did loan but the first thing I saw him that you were alone
that's great oh my goodness I do those things too and I see a nasty words are crazy like that I guess you could say that yeah you know I started to my life started changing it they were shift going on at work and I hid start I've always been connected Angel I've always been attracted to Angel pictures figurines things like that I had Angel cards and I had done readings for myself and then I started doing them for other people just for friends and I started to see if I was felt presence around me but I started to hear almost like I'm talking to you right now I start to hear them communicating with me this started shifting for me at this time
before this happened and I got just very clear guidance and and then I encountered him and it was like oh my gosh it was instantly that's the person that I've been feeling ever since I was younger is this person and I my whole life change for that point was like what am I doing getting my master's for English I'm not going to teach English seeing differently by my vision changed and and then my my whole life changed and then what I felt I needed to do just completely shifted for me and I think it's a it's a which I've been finding to it everyone has been talking to and sharing with is said this is a step-by-step process it's like when you encounter this person it's like
hey your vision changes your whole being start changing and how you see Life starts changing but it's not a like instant light bulb where you turn the light on and then you just changed it is a step-by-step process and you constantly keep learning about how to bring who you are into the world you know what you're meant to do step-by-step and even now my work is is Shifting more in this book is like going to be a completely different than the first one is here now so it's in the ocean all the times you never separated from loved you always love you are but then you have waves in and how you bring those ways to sure whether it's like I just a little one in medium on a big one and then there's a smooth smooth Miss where you calling and it's like it's called you're constantly movement and then in an expression in creation
Carissa it is quite as quite a journey but I imagine being in an ocean and bring those waves to show her in the Ripples and I know some of these large it's just that flow in that that rides in the following and the Stillness and the Tremors underneath and all the lights happening in waves on the ocean is always connected even to the shore
I love this now you two parties this is fun for me
because I love parties I love I grew up in this household with you but my mom also celebrates if she saw the calendar it was a Hawaiian Holiday at he's at Holiday Inn with our house would be decorated we would be celebrating that day we were dancing on the floor for you know whatever it is we celebrated and my mom's birthday is January 1st and 1st of every month she is month of groceries or whatever she celebrates you know her birthday every month I grew up in celebration of life in such beautiful
intuitive reading parties and people are always looking for a reason and opportunity to get together and then we always want to connect with our friends we always wanted to spend more time with the people we care about and love or connect to
and I think that this is such a perfect way to be able to bring people together to enjoy an evening a day and afternoon you know a beautiful weekend so you know what day in the sunshine whatever it is and to have you come over and actually do a party that's an intuitive reading party so tell me about that because I'm loving this idea yes I am I just got this idea for this actually you know I've been doing reading for a while now since I've been doing them for a while but I just recently was getting I guess this new event venue you know to bring me integration here
connect with people and brought people together so it's definitely part of my soul song and so I I do it like I at least 3 hours for a party and each person gets 20 minutes so it's like it's my dad's file I couldn't carry people in an hour and kind of share together when we're all together two in the same room and just sharing our experiences and who we are and just really bring people together in an intimate way about a fun way as well and I like you said was he a glass to let you know I really am allowing the transparency you know and even like after someone has a reading it's almost like they their wall comes down because they they they just now feel like
how many armed robbery mask on and then I like that I like how readings do that for people and it's just it's just like there's an openness that wasn't there before a run or deeper layer of open this so I'm excited about that Mike I love I love bringing people together and connecting with people like you said it's a great way to really bring family friends together and then share in a different way
I think it's tremendous I'm so excited than you know all kinds of events and I think I think you were mentioning about weddings to you know and I think that's such a great thing because we always had what was the tradition I think sending the flower in the next person picking up the flowers the one that gets married so you know like those types of things I think it's a great A great experience for people that are you know about to get married her as well as the people that are going to come in and tell a great that all types of Life transitions
supposed to be the next person getting married
the great cartoon of all these women faces
do you think you'd be a wonderful wedding gift to be able to give somebody a reading and bridesmaids and truly unique gift and something that really can help the heart and he has a happily-ever-after that you would want to pass the Baton on the others very well so come through and I always I always excelled in the energy to receive whatever is for the person's highest good that they're ready to receive at that moment and it is really does come through such loving embrace
and it is not just any no relationship to me night night I work with that but I really feel that we had relation with everything you know and first and foremost with ourselves that we extend out to all areas of our life so often times in Reading since so much comes through you know in all areas of someone's life and it's just it's a beautiful Embrace its really what it feels like
tastic and I see on your website you offer different types of greetings you have a twin flame beloved session guidance readings intuitive readings and so what is the difference and when somebody calls do they know what to ask for or do you just instant relief this is the kind of rating I like to do for you because I think this is where you're at right now it really depends a nice person and I do have someone that I had this dream and she's torturing the dreams Come not sure if I should have a dream guidance reading or one of your intuitive readings and I was just feeling a lot coming through for her dream there was more going to come through so in that regard it felt like she needed intuitive reading
dream guidance rating is is it's just them by email if the other reading is is done by a phone and and what a dream guidance reading is I better can be still so it's raining and it's some
oftentimes we do leave our bodies and communicate with each other and in dreams do you know especially when we're sleeping and I so we have to visit each other week at messages from those that have pasta on I have for my father and we connect with our beloved that way because we have such a connection that goes beyond any limitation including our human body so a lot of time to dream guidance reading is 2 to bring through what method is are coming through particularly intrigued insisted someone's having the intuitive readings are more for whatever wants to come through and in all areas of your life to come through and then how I do them as I like to just open up the energy in the field and the wants to come through to come through before questions are presented because oftentimes what starts to come through is what the person one
answered anyway that happens almost all the time and for those that have encountered are there other soul mate or twin flame and are going through the experience and I like it's what I said I want thing I posted on my main site and Main homepage is twin flames revealed the true love story and that really is talking about the whole experience of disconnection bringing you into who you are so that you remember that and so the session is a really to go and delve into that the experience of what's coming up with patterns of beliefs which things are blocking you from getting and receiving the gift of what this relationship in this lot is so that you can be that in in the world
do it sound like a conversation discussions really very intermittent and clothes and I looking for that Twin Flame or that soulmate and are hoping to manifest that or found a bill from the lighthouse or the church found it says I'm here now is the time to work with us as well so I already have that feeling and I knowing so often times people have start having dreams as well before that happens and feeling like they like you said like 10 open up that
the energy to bring that through yes and so we also we also share on that as well as so many Dynamics is so many so many ways to get to bring this through in a life experience so yeah that people who are feeling that before meeting and wanting to welcome into their life
energy work by phone or by Skype and do you work internationally because we have people listening to the show there in Walton South African friends and you're all out there
no yeah absolutely I do them by phone by I've done some people wanted to done by like chatting like email as well Skype I have as well I've done all around the world to myself like I said people from Ireland and actually Afghanistan to you know like all over the world
so how does somebody find you and book a session with you
I'm the best plants on my website it's rising up the ladder of and there's a contact Section on their other people can send me an email right from the website that would be the best way and then we can make arrangements for what works with sometimes it's around 100 people need you know I always feel that you're going to go in the session route that package is good because one time you're really just sharing your story and I'm really I intend to bring people away from the story but into the love and then bring the story back upon the love that's really what this is about so it it takes more than more than an hour to really move through everything that I have customized packages which are always good to talk about individually with people
and then you talk about the dream guidance
what happens when someone has a nightmare is a nightmare also
a guidance to land if somebody calls you and says oh my gosh I woke up and I was panicked or it was her door was frightened Drive never felt so lonely or so lost for so whatever and then they share the dream with you where they send you the email use their dream is that also
significance of love from the other side yes absolutely I've never experienced anything in dreams myself or with those that have come to me that have really been about messages that are really nightmares I mean the nightmare gets our attention you know it's about getting our attention to look at something so
I feel it's really
bringing that emotion up and getting that attention to look at what the gift is and what the messages within it often times when we experience in a dream someone dying it really means there's a transition in someone's life and the other details of the dream often bring that up and if it does come through that there is a message about you know someone dying and it would be so literal message then there's always love with it it's never it's never just in a vibrations always and wholeness that's what I found when I gave readings to see the inside from that from the Divine to give to someone is always in wholeness just like we were talking about you know and counting your twin flame and loving the Shadow or the dark parts of the light with that really is is realizing its own shadow signs are are nothing to be afraid of us or actually part of the one that's that you are
so the same thing I think was Nightmare
great answer I'm sure people are very relieved to hear that people Nails dancing around their living rooms or the ask you I saw it said somewhere on your work it out why we are here we are incarnated on this Earth for allowing me to feel the piece on their own love I love that because I think that is such a wonderful way to even come towards because of her show because just the idea of
I love being a light what the heck just initiate the side and Sparks in inside of being just even to say it but I think it'll feel it yeah I think you'll like the course I'm working on now ignite the light of the Beloved is really your unique vibration of the love that you are and I asked you uncover and discover that and allow yourself to be that love and to be loved by you know all that you come in contact with and all of your experiences really cuz you know when we're an experienced and we look at it and shift it rather than it being a challenge or something that happened bad to us we can see the gifts in that and therefore allowing the experience to love to bring to bring us back to love and I feel that when people allow that and they ignite the light of their beloved energy which is it is God
Sallisaw flies in and out until they become a light in the world and therefore they are a lot of being you know and and that's how I feel all the things that are in resonance with their specific vibration of Love is attracted to them including their twins line including their partner including the job they wanted to do anything else with her vibration because they're shining and they're allowing that lights be seen and and come out words and feeling it in words so it is beautiful I just see a vision of I love Neal Donald walsch has the little swollen the sun books which I recommended to children's book and it's amazing but for the beautiful messages and they're in there where you see these lights he's decent humans and human form all with a light and yet you see all of their lights together
if it were meant to do here Were Meant to ignite the light of our unique soul song and interesting that in the world and yet it is in Harmony and in Symphony with others as we allowed that to come out and be heard
creating Workshop
am I speaking a different places and so forth so that's beginning to feel a lot more in the spotlight that's coming out with various things that are I guess I could say being downloaded into me so that I can then bring it into formation
that's so wonderful that I have to ask are you still in love
so always goes deeper and deeper and deeper it's like every single time I see myself reflected and it's a piece that I haven't felt that fully loved by you know it's like it's like being pregnant do you know it's like you have pains birth pains and it's a it's a journey to to bring all of those pieces of of you when something comes up and reflected from from the Beloved do you know into a deeper love but then it just like I find all the time that because I allowed a process even though it can be uncomfortable sometimes it just makes me feel so much more love for who I am and for being an in this earth you know what having this experience and then for him to to bring me deeper into who I am and I know I just want to create it and share it with the with
in the world which is what's happening with this book and you know that the speaking and the course and everything that's happening it's like my process is going into creation for others and it's beautiful
and what was it like for him when you met
when was when you connected what was it like for him to see every fairy in oh yeah I know that's a good question honestly it was like before I expressed anything fully it was like I was hearing myself it was like a second knowing like it's a knowing she said like unknowing of the Soul Thief Beyond understanding just like no other connection
go to the depths of how it feels when we before we even really knew each other on the human level or or the mind in a level to understand what we were experiencing was just like I just I know you beyond any way of knowing that I know you love that I do and I knew you know all the pieces of who he was before me no more than prop maybe his mom you know it's a it's an interesting this kind of hard to time to put into words of House of profound it is but that's really what it feels like it's just like that sounds like also looking in the mirror at the same time so you're not only knowing that you know this other person so deeply but now you're seeing the fullness of yourself and experiencing a to it's like looking in the mirror
that's great I remember once a very long time ago someone told me a story about a hummingbird that was born in a blue jays nest and a hummingbird would fly up and down and backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards and the Malibu Jay would say I wouldn't do that if I were you I wouldn't show people that if I were you
it was so scratched inside and that one day the hummingbird Med another hummingbird and a very first thing it said was did you have a blue jay mother
recognizing this infinite energy and somebody's power and magical gifts
they've not been able to read the other show did anybody else until you so I know it's like you don't even need to do anything to review let you know it's like you are you are you know you eat like a liquid like I think so often is the the I am right here you just are and just by being your being seen and it's like it's really like being transparent you know I'm you can't hide anything because you are you are one and so it is I was saying like looking in the mirror when you're looking at yourself you can't not see you to know you're there and that's that's how it's like you know it's like there's nothing that needs to be even said or experience but there's just us I see you I completely see you
well I see you every other heartfelt and your openness and the connection to stay some to the infinitely Beyond in love and lust and passion and all the things that are listening I know that you are excited you were thrilled you related or over chili the Gabriella was with us today you can find her on rising up the ladder of Rising off the ladder of or Gabriella correct this Sunday and I look forward to having you come over and do some intuitive reading parties see you as well and and
as well and it's beautiful it's beautiful to have his connection and so glad that the Universe brought us together in the Divine way that it did and I know there's no coincidences all things happen for reasons and so I'm sure we'll have many more excursions and and intimate sharing together absolute still look forward to look forward to having you back so thank you so much for such a special
what is Gabriella Hartwell rising up the ladder of find your twin flame find your soulmate find yourself find happiness on your love we have a good night and get signed up for you through this summer so look forward to seeing you next week or with Courtney Geico we were talking about I wish you happily ever after this is Nicole Brandon with hourglass Pride make all your dreams come true

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