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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and his guests:

Part 1

1) Suzy Smith from Florida, nurse and spiritual healer

Part 2

1) Suzy Smith from Florida, nurse and spiritual healer

2) Ashleigh Brenton, author "Divine Love"

3) Leon McLaughlin, Clean Water Foundation

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Gabrielle Hartwell

Topic: Rising Up The Ladder of Love

Description: Intuitive Relationship and Life Coach specializing in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships. Dedicated to helping you break thru the illusions of love so that you can remember the divine love you inherently ARE, to feel comfortable being the unique expression of love that IS you into expression and creation.

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Topic: Divine Love and the Blessing of YOU!

Commanding or Demanding your Light?  The difference is miraculous!

The day to day reality of navigating density can distract us! Even the most "awake" can become blindsided by daily struggles.  AND...the Power of your Light is ever present!  The Metronian Star is OPEN and spinning! The energy of LIGHT IS has blossomed and asks:  Are you ready to open your heart and claim your Ascended Mastery?

WHEN YOU'RE FEELING GOOD YOU'RE EXPERIENCING GOD & WITH VIGILANCE YOU CAN MAINTAIN GOD CONSCIOUSNESS~ (This seminar says it all--bringing clarity to just about all the major questions we all have at some point; why is the world the way it is? When will we stop fighting & warring against one another? How can we experience lasting happiness, fulfillment, freedom & know the absolute Truth?)

Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meadors review Journey to Joy - Our Ascent to the Fifth Dimension. Their discussion reviews a vast presentation of how life begins and how the universe was created. Sheldan discusses the core components of vortices and fractals and how they play a part in the creation of planets, solar systems and beyond. They discuss holograms, harmonics, how shapes are created, and other "meaty" topics in simplified terms that everyone can understand.

November 19, 2012 — Theresa Daley  is a Spiritual Mentor and lives at Nala Pakana, her 79 acre off the grid property deep in the bush of Southern Tasmania Australia.  Theresa began working with people over ten years ago, she is level three Reiki initiated, a Flower Essence Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Children’s Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher and Healer.  At this time, Theresa guides people to awaken their conscious mind by changing the patterns in their life so they may live from, and within, the wellspring of Divine Love.