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Guest Name
Ashleigh Brenton
Guest Occupation
Motivational Speaker, Author
Guest Biography

Ashleigh Patrice Brenton is a Motivational Speaker and Author who helps others take responsibility for their thoughts and emotional well-being. She believes imagination, meditation, mantras, music, and a nurturing environment promote resilience and joy. Ashleigh inspires individuals who are desiring to cultivate more joy and happiness in life, regardless of health challenges, traumas, self-esteem issues, and who may wish to create a meaningful and prosperous life.

She’s written, “Finding Your Safe Place: How to Heal from Childhood Abuse and Domestic Violence” and is a contributing author in Betsy Chasse’s recent publication of, ” Stories of Becoming Myself.” Ashleigh is a graduate of Portland State University with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and Social Science, and a Mental Health Advocate.