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Universal Soul Love, 03/02/2015

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Universal Soul Love
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Guest, Reverend Marcus Christian Lisle

Universal Soul Love with Dr. Lana Love and David Love, and special guest, Rev. Marcus Christian Lisle

Guest, Rev Marcus Christian Lisle

Guest Name
Rev Marcus Christian Lisle
Guest Occupation
Interfaith Minister and Hospice Chaplain
Guest Biography

Rev. Marcus Christian Lisle

Guest Occupation: 

Interfaith Minister;  Hospice Chaplain for Life Choice Hospice North Andover, MA;  Visual Artist and Musician (Video Projection, Synthesizers and Trumpet/Cornet) for the band "Underwater Airport" Healer and Medium & Founder and Facilitator for the Point Shore Star Circle

Guest Biography:

Rev. Marcus Lisle is a fourth-generation Floridian who migrated north to Boston, Massachusetts 27 years ago, after receiving a Fine Arts degree at the University of Florida. The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 was a time of inspiration and personal commitment toward pursuing a spiritual path that would combine creativity and healing as predominant themes over the next 28 years of his life.

Rev. Marcus was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine and he serves hospice patients and their families, helping them through the transition from the physical plane back to their natural state of spirit.

As Founder and Facilitator of the Point Shore Star Circle, Rev. Marcus has been collaborating with a dozen other mediums in establishing a point of light for receiving inspiration and teachings from spiritual sources. The Star Circle mediums have drawn together to bring light where there has been darkness, and they share the love of those who have passed with those who remain.

Universal Soul Love

Show Description:

Our Internet talk radio show will discuss issues that involve consciously creating the New Earth Paradigm.  The purpose of this show is to raise the conscious vibration of the planet to a higher level by sharing ideas and practices that:

- Increase spiritual awareness

- Advance personal growth and development

- Explore the hidden mysteries of the universe

- Protect the environment and our natural resources

- Develop self-sustainable living communities and self-sufficient living practices

- Encourage individuals to reclaim their personal power

- Advocate post-feminism ideas through the re-unification of the Divine Feminine Essence and the Sacred Masculine Source

- Form and maintain healthy romantic partnerships

- Promote a message of universal love