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The Tony Sands Show, March 30, 2020

Michael Irvin, Football legend

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The Tony Sands Show
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Guest, Michael Irvin, Football legend

The Tony Sands Show with Tony Sands

Guest, Michael Irvin, Football legend

First Block .Shannon Sharp sound Bit about Antonio Brown and Bruce A saying no to bring him to the team to Tampa

  • Did Coach A leave the door open to bringing him in to the team
  • How you think Tom reacted to Coach A say no to AB
  • How can AB best serve tampa

Second Block Dak Prescott contract and Stephen A Smith sound bit

  • Stephen A is saying Jerry is not treating Dak right
  • Is the contract really a contract or Dak being selfish
  • What is Stephen A Smith speaking to when he say Jerry is doing Dak wrong

Third Sound Hopkins leaving Houston Sound Bit Get Up

  • Do this trade make since
  • Was Hopkins happy in Houston
  • What really happen in Houston 

The Tony Sands Show

The Tony Sands Show
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