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Submitted by Tony Sands on 18 May 2021

The Tony Sands Show with Tony Sands

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Show Host:

The Tony Sands Show is a premier sports and training information site, providing the latest in player and team information and behind the scene news. 

The Tony Sands Show is put together and run by Tony Sands. 

The Tony Sands Show provides the latest in player and team information, while giving listeners the behind the scene news. 

The Tony Sands Show also provides one of the top training programs for all athletes at all levels.

Weekly Show
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10:00 am CT
10:55 am CT


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Tony Sands
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Kansas All Star Football Player, Exercise Fitness Trainer, Football Coach, Talk Show Host

Tony Sands attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. At St. Thomas, Tony lettered in football, track & field, and wrestling. In football, Sands was a four year letterman, All County Super 11, and All-State. Tony Sands became St. Thomas all-time rushing leader in a career and seasons. In track-field, Tony also became a four year letterman. He was All-County and All-State. In his senior year he was MVP in track-field. In 1988, Tony Sands received a scholarship to attend the University of Kansas. Tony became one of the all-time great players in Kansas football history.

Some of his accomplishments at KU include:

* Freshman All-American Team
* Sophomore leading rusher (1109 yds)
* Senior John Deer Player of the Year
* Two NCAA records (396 yds and 58 carries) in a single game.
* He also played a short time with the Arizona Cardinals
* Bachelor Degree in Exercise Fitness
* The Proclamation of the City of Lawrence

In 1993, Tony Sands started a high tech Speed Training Program. While still an assistant strength and running back coach at the University of Kansas. This program can be best described as providing proper sport, fitness and high tech strength, speed, conditioning, agility, balance, coordination, resistance-resistance training, running mechanics, vertical leap, and sport specific drills. An athlete can improve on their ball catching skills with the high tech ball machine made by the pros. Tony Sands has worked with several high profile clients from he NFL, college, and high school. Here's some of the players Tony has been privileged to work with:


* WR Michael Irvin- (former Dallas Cowboys)
* DI. Dan Stubblefield-(Oakland Raiders)
* DB Al Harris-(Green Bay Packers)
* RB Zachery Crockett-(Oakland Raiders)
* LB Henri Crockett-(Minnesota Vikings)
* DL Joah Evans-(New York Jets)
* DL Gilbert Browns-(Green Bay Packers)
* DB Daryl Porter-(former Tennessee Titans)
* DB Kwamie Lasaiter-(Arizona Cardinals)
* DB Gerald Sowell-(New York Jets)
* TE OJ Santiago-(Oakland Raiders)
* QB Quinn Gray-(Jacksonville Jaguars)


* Tyrone Moss ( University of Miami)
* Tarez McCray (University of Miami)
* Tommie Stevens (Fordham College)
* Steve Baggs (Bethume Cookman College)
* Ronald Mose Jr. (Edward Water College)
* Clint Scasion (University of Pittsburgh)
* Nate Salley (Ohion State Champions)
* "Accomplishments"
* Team MVP in 91'
* All-time leading rusher in 91'
* All-time leading ball carrier
* Big Eight single game rushing leader
* Big Eight single game rushing attempt leader
* Kansas single season rushing yards (1442yds)
* Kansas most hundred yard rushing yards in a single season
* Career touchdown leader (Kansas)
* Honored with the Tony Sands Award in Kansas


Zack Crockett-Former Oakland Raider
“Best off season training around.”

Al Harris-Greenbay Packer
“He turned me into a Pro Bowler.”

Michael Irvin-Dallas Cowboys
“I am a Hall of Famer, so the training speaks for itself.”

Patrick Peterson-LSU
“I advise every corner back to use this training program.”

Josh Philpot-Jacksonville University
“His program helped me to become an All Conference and All American player.”

Deshaun Sands-University of Kansas
“My speed increased with this training program.”

Henri Crockett-Former Minnesota Vikings
“ It brings out the best in you.”

Head Coach Roger-Harriett University
“Our football team got much faster.”

Atari Bigby-Greenbay Packer
“He makes you work harder than you ever worked before.”