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Inalienable and Free, December 15, 2018

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Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

In this program, we continue to discuss the prospective impeachment of the President by the House of Representatives. Rich Procita, an attorney who specializing in helping clients get their social security benefits, often deals dwith poor and disabled people. He is also wishes to encourage society t conform to its highest ideals, centered on social justice, not exploitation for the few at the sake of the many. 

One of Rich’s concerns, as expressed in his blog,”Modern Lectionaries,” is trying to reach out to Churches to be able to reach its congregations with a progressive message. He points out in this interview that there are something like 3000 mentions of justice in Scripture and points out how the more modern interpretations of Scripture have been largely displaced by the Orthodox interpretations, favoring dogma over social justice. He points out how Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey on one side of the City while the Imperial Roman legions, mostly on horseback, enter with all their massive weaponry, on the other side of the City. 

He warns against authoritarianism trying to overturn the concept of self-rule as favored by the Constitution. Je says that we cannot have a President who gets away with crimes and, given the Department Justice’s ruling against convicting a President of a crime during his terms, impeachment is the only answer. Also, it is probably the only way to get him convicted after his terms. Impeachment may be the only way to defend democracy by getting the story out to the American people.

The list of impeachable offenses is extensive and includes breaking international treaties, lying to the American public regarding facts related to the economy and actions of Administration, falsely attacking the press, abusing refugees and their children at the Southern Border, including removing children from their parents and putting them into concentration



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Inalienable and Free

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How can we, the people of Earth, take back the power and privileges granted to us by God and addressed so significantly in the United States Declaration of Independence? Our rights are inalienable for citizens of all countries, not just America. They are, indeed, given by our Creator and “incapable of being taken away from or given by another.”

Our program, “Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition,” hosted by Johnny Blue Star, addresses the grave challenges to these human and citizens' rights in America and in the rest of the world. These rights are the basis of liberty, the foundation of all life and happiness. The Coalition of Planetary Empowerment, is an emerging organization, serving to empower individuals personally, spiritually, and politically through a new social network, dedicated to this mission.

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