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Teen Train Talk Radio, February 1, 2014

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Teen-Train Talk Radio
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with Dwayne Smith

Divorce Your Debt - A Spiritual Journey from S.E.L.F Debt to Deliverance

By Terrence & Marlene Trimuel

Divorce Your Debt is a guide to wholeness. It’s a declaration of independence and a decree to become free from “every weight that so easily besets us.” It’s a conscious choice to become liberated from the chains, bondage and the traps of the enemy. We all need to divorce or rid ourselves of something in our lives, so we can truly follow God’s will and please the Master.

So many of us struggle in life, because we are burdened with more debt than we can afford to pay back. When you have too much debt, you lose focus on your purpose in life, and you enter into a dangerous state of denial.  This causes you to escape from reality as well as abandon any sense of accountability for your actions. During this cycle of denial and abandonment, you unconsciously create uncontrollable debts and habits that lead you into sinful lifestyle choices. When you find yourself in a no-win situation, tough decisions must be made and carried out in order for you to free yourself from the toxic relationships you created.

Jesus is your Deliverance Agent. He sees and knows what you need to be delivered from, even before you can see it within yourself. The hardest part for most people, is acknowledging that they need deliverance. We all need deliverance from four key areas of debt that we find ourselves struggling with to regain control over our lives. Your biggest enemy is S.E.L.F which stands for: Spiritual, Emotional, Lifestyle, and Financial debt.

However, God has revealed to us that debt is actually the DEvils Best Trap, and is manifested in four major categories in our lives: Spiritual Debt, Emotional Debt, Lifestyle Debt, and Financial Debt, (S.E.L.F Debt Analysis). The S.E.L.F Debt Analysis was developed as a road map to help you identify and analyze the areas in your life in which you accumulate debt.  Debt is nothing more than the worst form of bondage. So ask yourself, how did I get myself in this debt and bondage in the first place?

We have the most precious method of release and relief in our Lord and Savior. This means that you no longer hold yourself in condemnation for the wrong choices and mistakes you’ve made, nor do you allow guilt, shame, or sinful lifestyle habits to continue to keep you in bondage. So don’t live in bondage, live debt free and clear! Divorce Your Debt!

Questions to consider:

  • What inspired you to write this book?

  • What is this book all about?

  • Why was the term Divorce used for this book?

  • What does the term S.E.L.F debt stand for in the book?

  • Who would be the type of person who would benefit the most from this book?

  • What kind of toxic relationships does this book target?

  • When and where will it be available to purchase?


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T. Dwayne Smith, Sr. is President & CEO of Teen-Train, Inc. Certified Domestic Violence Advocate & Certified Life Coach that was born and raised on the West side of Chicago and had to learn endurance and perseverance after the death of his parents as a pre-teen.

Tarvies’ professional work experience includes the following: Supervisory, Program-Management, Social Worker with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Prevention Specialist, Youth Development Specialist, Motivational Speakers, Author, Mentor, Academic/Career Counselor, Domestic Violence Advocate/Counselor, Community and Family Counselor, Life Coach, Substance Abuse, and Professional School Counselor. Tarvies is the President & CEO of Teen-Train, Inc. which is a Not-For Profit, 501c3 Organization with emphasis on the following services: Academic Enrichment, Career Education, Mentoring Services, Youth & Leadership Development.

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