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Divorce Your Debt - A Spiritual Journey from S.E.L.F Debt to Deliverance

By Terrence & Marlene Trimuel

Divorce Your Debt is a guide to wholeness. It’s a declaration of independence and a decree to become free from “every weight that so easily besets us.” It’s a conscious choice to become liberated from the chains, bondage and the traps of the enemy. We all need to divorce or rid ourselves of something in our lives, so we can truly follow God’s will and please the Master.

Are you curious about debt? Want to know more about it? What does say about a culture like ours that values debt and credit with equal measures of protection and enthusiasm? A free society whose people have the opportunity to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle without having the income to sustain it, but having the credit history to survive it, and without having to limit your budget too much because after all, you can always rollover your debt on a mortgage refinance or credit card balance transfer, is truly living life with each foot in both camps.