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Starseed Energy Radio, February 3, 2012

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GUEST - David Sereda - UFO Researcher / Film Maker - / Chris Hoover - Author & Visionary - / 5D COSMIC CODE UPDATES: Dr. Louis Turi - Astrology & the Future of this coming month of Feb - / 3D WORLD NEWS UPDATE: Ryan Dernick - Writter for GCN - bellwetherpost.comNEWS - Egypt ,Thousands of Fans vent their Anger at The police on the Streets Of Cairo; Obama appoints ex Vice President of Monsanto as head of FDA; NC county officials reject NWO Environmental Agenda 21 Climate Change takeovar; Two British tourists were barred in LAX and jailed in a mexican jail over night when trying to enter America from London after joking on Twitter; Minus 12 Britain! It's as cold as the Himalayas; MUSIC - DJ Wreck - District 808 - samples from mix

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