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The Spring of Life Show, February 24, 2014

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The Spring of Life Show
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with Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz and Benjamin Schmidt

The Spring of Life Show with Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz and Benjamin Schmidt - Show #8 on BBS Radio!

The Spring of Life Show

Welcome to The Spring of Life Show

Our goal is to assist you in deliberately directing your thoughts, emotions and actions towards an uplifting life experience.

We have fun bridging the worlds of perceived opposites without the need for struggle as we recognize the unity, rather than the polarization, of all contrast.

Unlike the alchemists of lore that harnessed and kept their ancient knowledge to themselves, we are opening our mystical bags – for the first time - to the general public.

We like to be practical in our approach and apply tools and teachings that work in the here and now but we also enjoy playing with current scientific theories and developments. We appreciate that science is now including in its contemplations and research what was once forsaken as obscure.

It is our desire to share of our tools, knowledge and transformative processes to allow you to enrich your life. Through your awareness and application of these “age-old sacred ways” as well as powerfully modern technologies you will, once again, become the Master of your life.

Our goal is to empower you with a deep feeling of freedom and choice such that you fully step into the understanding of being the creator of your own perspective.

It is our pleasure and honor to connect with you. With Love & Appreciation,
Jasmine & Benjamin

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