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Spectrum Radio Network, 06/09/2011

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Klaus Dona - Bosnian Pyramid Ancient Aliens & Giants
Klaus Dona joined the show and spoke about how he first became interested in ancient artifacts and the alternative views on human history. Klaus spoke about out of place artifacts that point to a very ancient and advanced global civilization. Klaus spoke about an artifact called The world Stone and how it is a large stone with engravings on it that match the contours of the continents as well as one more continent that no longer exists which may be a depiction of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Klaus told us about ancient megalithic structures that have been found around the world on land as well as underwater that have been researched as being over 12,000 years old.

Klaus also told about his research into ancient Giants humans and how skeletons have been found throughout history up to 24 feet tall and how the mainstream archeologists do not speak about these bones at all, there are hundreds of published reports in newspapers in the early 1900s but then after a period of time the reports just stopped and if Museums are contacted to verify the stories they deny ever having giant human bones even though not one but dozens of printed reports exist.

Klaus spoke about how he will be traveling to Bosnia to visit and talk to the people working on the Bosnian pyramids and he will be also taking a tour through the pyramids themselves

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