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Spectrum Radio Network, September 20, 2011

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
Stephen Sakellarios - Reincarnation Research 

Stephen Sakellarios joined the show and spoke about his documentary "In Another Life - Reincarnation in America" and the synchronicities involved in the creation of the film, which were many.

Stephen interviewed a great deal of people for the making of the film who had stories of either spontaneously or hypnotically remembered past lives.

Stephen spoke about how birthmarks may be connected to past lives and mentioned that while researching reincarnation he has seen cases where the person has tracked down past lives and obtained pictures of the past life persons death and wounds on the pictures that correspond to birthmarks in this life.

Stephen told us about the how children up to the age of 7 can usually remember their past lives and how as we get over we overlay new experiences that diminish past life memories.

Stephen talked about his investigation into his own past life and how he used his emotions to guide his investigation while coming across information about his past life as a writer Mathew Franklin Whittier.

Stephen covered many areas of his investigation into evidence of reincarnation, it was a fascinating discussion.

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