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Spectrum Radio Network, October 4, 2011

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John Lear - The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars
John Lear joined the show and told us about his lifelong interest in UFO’s and how his father William Lear (Lear Jet) was part of the US anti gravity program which was completed in 1956 with the help of Thomas Townsend brown and others.

John was also very interested in black projects in the 1970s; he investigated projects like the SR-71 and others, in 1980 John’s interest in UFOs flared up again and in 1985 John ran into a pilot friend of his who told John that he was present at the famous 1980 Bentwaters UFO case and that it was all real.

By 1986 John was traveling around the US talking to guys in person who all had information about UFO’s and wrote “The John Lear Hypothesis” after that he eventually met Bob Lazar who got a job at area 51 and told John Lear all about the strange craft he witnessed while there.

We also covered many other subjects like the moon hoax hypothesis, inhabited mars and moon as well as aliens interacting with humans and underground submarine bases all over the world.

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