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Spectrum Radio Network, November 8, 2011

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William Bramley - The Gods of Eden - Extraterrestrial Infiltration
William Bramley joined the show and spoke about how he got involved in research in ancient aliens and eventually wrote the book “The Gods of Eden”. William started out when he was in college learning sociology and explored the history of Wars, the study of human conflict lead him down some interesting roads like how religion has been responsible for a great deal of human conflict. Digging deeper into religion he found that ancient “Gods” seemed very non-Godlike in their commandments.

William also found in ancient writings from all over the world also spoke about the ancient Gods and their ability to fly, interfere with human development as well as division by keeping people fighting each other.

William also spoke about the Occupy Movement and how this seems to be a cyclical event throughout human history when the mass’s start to wake up and realize that struggle is not a natural thing in life but part of an engineered existence.

We continue to have a UFO presence around the world just as we continue to have these “Wake up” events that signal another cycle of control coming to an end and another one taking over.

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