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Spectrum Radio Network, November 22, 2011

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Kevin Annett - Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust
Kevin Annett was in Brantford Ontario Canada helping the native Indians who lived there with efforts to excavate bodies of native children.  Spectrum Radio Network did things a bit different this interview and decided to drive out there and do an in person video interview.

It worked out very well, Kevin told us about the atrocities that have happened in the past to natives in the area as children and how they were denied their language & culture while being held in church schools, he went on to say there are many eye witness accounts of rape and murder at these schools which he referred to as internment camps for the Indians.

Kevin told us about how this outcry for justice is spreading all throughout the world and the demonstrations at the Vatican the last several years are growing exponentially as word gets out about the criminal behavior by the church against indigenous cultures all over the world.

We also spoke about how the System is broken, the world is upside down and human consciousness is in the dry heaving stage trying to expel something imposed on it that just does not belong. We also made the connection to the Occupy movement and how this is an outward manifestation of a Planetary/Human consciousness reacting to the system that is restricting its growth.

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