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Spectrum Radio Network, 31/05/2011

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Aaron Franz - Eugenics & Transhumanism
Aaron Franz joined the show to talk about his new book called Revolve – Mans Scientific Rise to Godhood. We talked about Transhumanism and its meaning in the past being mans ability to use his scientific means to become better and how the later version evolved into Mans use of technology to create Human 2.0. We spoke about Eugenics and how that lines up with the Transhumanism. Aaron spoke about the Technological Singularity in regards to A.G.I Artificial General Intelligence, an A.G.I eventually gets so intelligent it reaches the level of human intelligence then it goes beyond that until it starts to self-improve which leads to exponential growth, at this point humanity is faced with a problem it either adapts itself artificially to keep up or it goes extinct. Aaron thinks that the majority of the Transhumanist concepts are not realistic and fall more into the science fiction realm. We also spoke about how TV & Movies have been inserting Eugenics & Transhumanism ideas into the general public awareness.


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