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Spectrum Radio Network, May 3, 2011

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
Dr. Brian O'Leary - Free Energy

Dr Brian O’Leary joined us and spoke about Free Energy & global transformation. Brian started out wanting to go to Space even before there was much of a space program. He trained as a scientist and took astronaut training and was chosen to go on the 1st manned Mars mission, that program was canceled, Brian moved on to researching alternative science like Consciousness, healing & Free energy.

He left Princeton and delved more deeply into free energy & consciousness studies. Over the years Brian has come across many free energy inventors & fellow researchers. Brian says alternative clean energy is a real thing; he has traveled all over the world investigating  the inventions to determine if they were in fact a valid invention that generated what was claimed by the inventors. Many times he has seen firsthand the reality of these devices.

Brian is very passionate about the fact that as a species we MUST release these technologies to the public and spoke about the long term suppression worldwide that has been occurring.  

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