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Spectrum Radio Network, March 13, 2012

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James Sangster & Tony Barton - Help I'm Haunted
Houston Ghost Research is a private investigative group dedicated to studying paranormal phenomenon in the greater Houston area.

Houston Ghost Research was formed to Serve the citizens of Houston through educating the public about the paranormal phenomenon, promoting spiritual understanding and compassion.

James Sangster

HGR Director / Investigator

Responsibilities: Interviewing, investigation coordination, Cleansing, Occult Consultant

James has been involved in the paranormal investigation for over 10 years. His book, Help! I'm Haunted - Dealing with Ghosts is based on their work in the paranormal field. James is also an ordained minister and enjoys educating HGR clients about paranormal phenomenon while coaching them through the process of spiritually re-claiming their homes. He is an IT professional by trade and is currently studying the use of hypnosis to enhance psychic awareness.

Tony Barton

HGR Director / EVP analyst / Psychic Medium

Responsibilities: EVP recording and analysis. Medium Evaluations.

Tony came to the group in a unique way, as a client. His extensive studies in both the paranormal and theology help him to understand how his own gifts have made him a perfect fit for the group as he continues his spiritual growth. Like James, Tony is also an ordained minister, and takes great pride in being able to help clients understand better the situations that they find themselves in. After all, he's been there himself.

Spectrum Radio Network

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Tom Theofanous and Scott Jordan

Welcome - to what we hope will become one of the most diverse radio shows and web sites on the Internet!

This is the place for you if you are interested in the following; alternative medicine and homeopathy, secret societies, U.F.O phenomenon, abductions, science and much more. We hope you listen and participate in discussions by top experts in their respective fields as we grow together. We will try to be a source of knowledge and give you positive solutions and inspiration in order to better your life.

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